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Volumes are not relatively reasonable between uploaded scores

For instance, the second movement has three instruments playing ff at the beginning, and the third movement has only one solo instrument playing p at the start. But the volume of the latter one is noticably higher than the former.
And for my mixer settings, I set the former's master gain to -1.00, while the latter's to -3.00. I set the volumes of all instruments in the former to 100, and those of the latter to 60. Others are exactly the same. And it sounded like nothing was changed (listening on the website (listening within the software is fine) ) when I reduced the latter's master gain and instrument volumes.
Maybe it's an issue.

MuseScore file sync'd to a YouTube recording - not working on iPhone?

Can anyone help me to understand how to sync a MuseScore file to a YouTube link so that it plays back correctly on mobile phones as well on Windows PC?

Background: the recording uploaded to YouTube is my own copyright from a private recording session.  The source sound file was in MP3 format and was combined with images to make an MP4 file which I uploaded to YouTube.

I just created an HTML page with an embedded MuseScore for the score playback, and it plays the default YouTube performance recording just fine on my Windows 10 laptop.  But when trying to play that same web page on an iPhone, the playback is a generated MP3 file (not the performance on YouTube). And on my old Android phone, it won't play at all.

Am I expecting too much, or should this sync actually work on mobiles too?