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Low Note Delay?

 I've noticed that the contrabass clarinet(it should be noted that I've heard people complain about other instruments as well) does not immediately play low notes in sheet music, often playing them a 32nd note or more behind. It's very annoying, and hard to fix. I posted this on the discord a day or two ago and there's been no response so I decided to post this here(by the way you guy get a lot of questions on discord you should keep a better eye on that)

Musescore Algorithm Prejudiced Against Certain Demographics

I know this is a bit of a controversial title, but I've been noticing a trend lately at least. 
It seems to me there are a couple main demographics on The first is the standard transcribers, who transcribe a lot of the old classical music onto musescore. The second demographic are modern transcribers, who transcribe modern pop, rock, heavy metal songs. The third are standard arrangers, who arrange mainly classical scores for a solo piano or ensemble. I've done a couple of these myself although it is not my main function on this site. The fourth are modern arrangers, who arrange pop or rock songs generally for a single instrument such as piano or stringed instrument. The last group are the composers. 
I believe that the demographics are biased, and that you are guaranteed to gain more views if you post a song of a specific demographic. 
For instance, the most popular songs on musescore generally from what I am aware of fall into either the modern transcriber or modern arranger categories. These songs have the tendency to gain an astronomical amount of views in a very short time. The majority of the top scores fit into this category, including the song that most recently hit a million views. They generally have a couple thousand followers, which means their song gets views up to 10000% greater than their follower count. If you take in average time taken to get this over a period of 24 months, that is still, 4100% greater than their follower count. 
Coming behind them are the standard transcribers and arrangers. They could originally make a good couple thousand views after a couple months, however that trend is dropping. Classicman, the most followed user on musescore, has almost 13k followers, but his more recent songs are only getting a couple hundred views. This score for instance has only gotten 200 views in a month. That is only a mere 1.5% of his follower count. This a drastic scenario though, so i will use a less known arranger, Dekkadeci
has about 400 followers and a month ago she released a score We three Kings arranged for two pianos.
However, in that time the score has only gotten 85 views, which is under a quarter of her follower count. 
And here is the wild card, the composers. Probably the most notable composer of his time, Aaron David, posted a song about a year ago, which now has 800 views. From following him, I noticed his new songs averaged about 400 views per month, and 8 months ago from what I remember he was in the 2000 follower range. This is around a quarter of his follower count. Another cool composer I follow is lizzapie. Her count averages just over 100 percent of her follow number (about 400-500 views per song per month taking into account her last to scores), and she has 500 follower. Rebecca Y has around 800 followers and her last composition posted around a month ago has around 600 views. .75 of her follower count. This seems to be the best scenario I've seen so far. 
I myself have just over 1.3k followers, and a song I released just about a month ago has gotten around 400 views. making it just under a third of my follower count. 
A trend noticed by me is that regardless of follower count the average composers song gets about 400 views in a month. As a composer grows their channel their ratio of views shrinks in regards to there follower size. This means that most likely, a large portion of their audience may have not been notified that they had posted a score. 
Advertising a score is practically impossible on musescore. When you post a score it shows up briefly in the browse section, and you can post it into groups, but those are the only two methods that actually gain views for the score from my experience. Beyond that, unless you repost your score into a group and hope that it shows up on your followers dashboards than  your score is delegated to coming up either on a tag search, or a person searching for your name. There seems to be no other algorithm that is easily accessible that can serve as a way to gain momentum. 
This puts arrangers and transcribers who compose modern music drastically ahead of composers, because they don't have to advertise their songs. The kind of music they post gains momentum by itself, because it was already made popular by another composer who put time and effort into making that song. I am not saying it is a bad thing, but they way musescore runs now means that all of us other composers and arrangers may feel overwhelmed trying to reach a platform that is so far away. 
The very thing that I believe is what causes the arranged songs to get put so much ahead is something that us composers can't do at all. Unlike those songs, our songs haven't been discovered yet. We are the archaeologists who are discovering a new find. 
So I will leave you with this. I ask that features are implemented so that composers and classical arrangers/transcribers are not incapable of achieving the views that those who arrange modern pop and rock songs can achieve. I've almost been on musescore for 3 years now, and it feels like home. I just want to make musescore a better place to be on for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. 

Import pdf for MuseScore 2.3.2

I cannot upgrade to MuseScore 3 as I have a old OSX, thus I kept MuseScore 2.3.2
Nevertheless, the convert pdf file ( seems to convert for MuseScore 3 and I cannot use the generated files (I have an error while opening them in MuseScore saying that it has been created by a newer version)
Is there an import tool (the old one in 2.3.2) available that I can use?
Thanks !!

Problem adding comments

Have noticed in the last week or so that adding comments (tested only using Firefox) results in a busy/wait cursor on a greyed-out screen that never completes.

For example, I add a comment (or edit a comment) on a score. I press the send button and see the wait cursor on the greyed-out screen. The screen never returns however the comment has been added (verified by opening another tab and confirming the new/edited comment).

Native Messaging Function... anyone?

Is there anyone else here who would appreciate having a messaging function built into MuseScore? I know I would; I don't like having to use my private email for correspondence within the MuseScore community.

My idea is for messages to go directly to the user's MuseScore account, rather than to their personal email address that they used to create their account. I can easily think of examples where the current messaging system proves to be impractical, and you likely have experienced some of the disadvantages yourself.

The fact that I'm forced to disclose my email address to each and every user I message is enough cause to look for a better solution!
Just a simple messaging function included in the MuseScore website would remove all of the ongoing problems.

Catalog / index listing for scores contained in Groups and Sets

This may have been discussed previously, but I can't figure out how to get a brief title-only listing of the scores in a given group or set.

For example, there's a set of Scott Joplin piano rags on this user's page, and I may want to know if the set includes Joplin's "Magnetic Rag". 

When I click on the set, I get a very long page that included "full entry" metadata for each score in the set, and as a user, I have to do a lot of scrolling to see what pieces are in the set, and if the piece I'm looking for is included.

What I'd like to see is an "index list" (a set of titles, like a Table of Contents) that does not include an image of the score and all the score description metadata. That would making browsing a group or a set of scores much more efficient. The solution could be as simple as using a drop-down widget to hide or expose the score description notes and the image of the score that is included when you click on a Set or a Group listing.

Am I overlooking a way to do this that already exists?

Highlighting names

Can musescore add the little feature of highlighting the username of a creator when they comment on their own score like how YouTube does with its content creators. For instance if I make a score and I comment on it my name will be highlighted and people viewing the score can easily recognise it, especially if it’s some update for a work in progress medley because I doubt people read descriptions often.

Links created on the "Improving" contain invalid references

The underlying hyperlinks for the automatically-generated names (e.g., @Mike Magatagan") in posted comments/replies, contain invalid hyperlinks.

For example: on a reply to an "Improving" comment, the user name printed at the beginning of the comment contains an invalid reference (e.g., instead of the actual )