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Variation on a theme contest (Ended)

It is about the time of the anniversary of the death of my beloved grandfather. As I think I have not done enough deeds for him before he passed away, I would honour him with a contest. I would like you to make a variation on this theme by Schumann. I gave you historical background on the piece in the description of the work.
Edit: Link closed due to the end of the contest

This must only be for piano solo
The variation must be under 4 minutes and longer than 30 seconds. 
You may use any form in your composition: sonata, rondo, theme or variations
Have fun!

Winners will  have a follow from me and maybe have their piece placed in my upcoming Carnaval suite for solo piano. 

The contest will end on 6 January (Happy birthday Scriabin!)
Extended to 10th January

Good job to MadDuck for winning this contest!

Is this group active?

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For the largest group on musescore, this group is fairly unactive. If you are actually active just comment on this. It'll be interesting to see how many people actually respond. RSA has a much larger activity feed even with them being more then 50 times smaller than this group. Piano is at 58.6k members and RSA at 906 members. There's a lot of people not doing anything.