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Battery Writer Needed!

Hi! I am currently working on a Marching Show Ballad, covering "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica. I've got the jist of it  written (Measures/Time Signatures/Rhythm Template) I just, now need somebody to fill in the break. It's very short. There is a possibility that I will extend it in the future, but I'd like to see what I could get first.

Thanks in advance.

Music...All the Music...Too Much Music... (?!)

So right now I am composing and simultaneously listening to other music in my family's living room. My dad is also in the living room, playing his own weird electronic music through his tablet...and playing his electric guitar at the same time. My brother's in here on the piano, playing memes (because that's the only thing he can play other than Linus and Lucy), but at least he's not playing his tuba or trombone at blastissimo ear-harming levels...and my little sister no doubt also has her weird kidzbop music going full blast in her room right next to us (even though she's not even home...). My mom's on a walk, thankfully, so I don't have to hear her music and her belting out said music, too (if y'all ever want to hear a forty-year-old woman belting out Linkin Park ehehe)....

Anyone else's house usually a cacophony of seventy different types of music on a daily basis too? xD If so, what types of music do you hear on a daily basis?

College, Anyone?

Hello all! :) I'm curious and have a question for you guys.

Are any of you guys either A) planning to go to college/university to study music or B) already doing just that? It would be nice to know I'm not the only one lol. Plus, a lot of you guys are definitely talented enough to major in music and eventually become super successful!

Anyway, if you are in college or planning to go to college to major in music, what are you majoring in, exactly? Music composition? Music therapy? Music Ed? Performance? Or just general music? :)

If anyone is thinking about it but is unsure about making that decision just yet, lemme give you a li'l nudge. I'm double-majoring MusiComp and language personally, so if someone as bad as me is majoring in comp, then trust me, you can too. xD

Love y'all! :D Thanks for putting up with my random question haha. xD

An actual serious question

Okay so this is actually a serious thing for once
When you guys are feeling down (like really bad, not good mental health state bad), if you ever get like that, what do you do? Lately my usual methods to try to cope have only made things worse, so I was wondering about coping methods you guys might use. This might be personal to you though so don't bother with this if it is

ROUND NINE: Invention

The link above will take you to an image that depicts a simple chord progression. Your task this round, to put it simply, is to write a piece using that very chord progression. I have written out the roman numeral for each chord, and transcribed it into the key of F major (but your piece can be in any key you like). You can be as creative as you want with this, as long as you follow these few rules...

1) It's up to you how fast you want to move through the chord progression. Whether you change chords each measure, or each crotchet beat, you always need to get to the end of the progression before returning to the start again. However, as the last chord and first chord are the same, you are allowed to morph them together to make one.
2) You can repeat the chord progression as many times as you like, but the piece must be at least one minute long and no more than five.
3) Although the progression is written in F major, you can write your piece in any key you like. However, this must be a major key and you cannot change the value of any chords (i.e. turn a dominant major into a dominant minor).
4) Ideally, your piece should not change the inversion of the chords written. This means that most of the chords will have the lowest note being the root note, apart from the "Gm/Bb" chord, where the lowest note played in your ensemble should be a B-flat.
5) You can write it for any number of instruments, but I would certainly recommend experimenting with larger ensembles, if you have the time.

I know that some of you might not be too familiar with theory techniques, and if you need any assistance in explaining what all this means, I'm happy to help :)

Also, considering this is an invention round, try to be creative with what you write. I'm looking to see a bunch of pieces that all revolve around the same chord progression, but that sound completely different.

The three pieces with the lowest scores will be entering an Eviction round, and the three with the highest scores will have another chance in an Immunity round.

The deadline is the 27th of July. Good luck!!!