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Chaelleng By Gabrimedde08 !

I launch a public challenge of MuseScore: I was playing Hollow Knight when I picked up a cute song by Grimm Troupe. Do you know when (A Hollow Knight spoiler is coming soon to say the song) we fight against Grimm's goblins (the ones to defeat to collect the flames for Grimm)? In the background you can hear a nice little accordion song. The challenge is to find the song, rewrite it with MuseScore and publish it on the "Hollow Knight Group" group by writing in the Tags: # ChallengeByGabrimedde08. The most beautiful wins. There will be no prize, but for sure, your reputation will skyrocket!


f*ck, marry, kill

heyo...another game :P
(also...if you don't like swear words just replace it with "kiss" - but the f word is the original title of the game)

Anyway basically someone gives three people (or things) and you choose one to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill. It's basically a fancier (and more fun) version of ranking 3 things in order of preference.
Ex. if someone said Bob, Joe, and Jeff, I could choose to kiss Bob, kill Joe, and marry Jeff, etc.
If the choices are things and not people..."marry" would mean you can have/experience the thing to its full extent, "kiss" would be to have/experience it to a partial extent, and "kill" would be to have the thing completely destroyed and you don't get to have it at all.

Sooo...yeah. Let's try...

1. Musix, Dookis, and Lordtroll

2. Dress spammers, people who fill up the entire community page by spamming "look at my score" in every single group they're in, and people who post passive aggressive "constructive" criticism on people's scores

3. a steinway piano, a 20 year's supply of your favourite food, and your current (or most recent) crush

4. your grades, your social life (both in-person and online), and your sleep

5. all your followers on musescore, all the people who regularly talk in this group, and everyone you're following on here

And feel free to make your own :P

Melodic chaos with harmonic grounding

Now, I'm thinking about the second movement of my suite. This one I know I want to have represent windy weather.

If you look at the structure of the Suite as a whole, it makes sense. Here is the structure:

  • First Movement - Sunny Weather - G major - String Quartet + Piano - Ternary form
  • Second movement - Windy Weather - D minor - Flute + Piano - Form unknown
  • Third Movement - Cloudy Weather - G minor - Unknown instrumentation - Form unknown
  • Fourth Movement - Storm - C minor - Piano solo - Form unknown - Interlude afterwards
  • Fifth Movement - Snow - Bb major - Flute + String Quartet - Form unknown
  • Sixth Movement - Rain - E minor - Instrumentation unknown - Form unknown
  • Seventh Movement - Rainbow - G major - All the instruments that have played in previous movements - Sonata form

As you can probably tell from this alone, the second and third movements serve to bring in the fourth movement, the most intense movement of the entire suite. I was even thinking of having the third movement end on a diminished 7th to really bring the point home that all this is leading to the most intense movement of the suite. 

To get across the windy feel of the second movement, I was thinking of doing these things:

  • Increase the tempo from Moderato to Allegro
  • Add the flute, since it is a woodwind instrument that is easy to play fast scalar passages on
  • Get rid of the strings entirely or at least the violins so that the flute isn't overwhelmed
  • Make the melody inherently chaotic, like the wind
  • Use a lot of 16th notes to keep the momentum going
  • Ground this melodic chaos with harmonies that make sense both in relation to the melody and the key

The easiest way I know of to make the melody sound chaotic is to have the flute play 12 tone rows. But that makes it hard to harmonize in a way that makes sense with the key of D minor. I mean, here are the harmonizations that make sense for each of the chromatic pitches in D minor:

  • C - C major or C minor, F major
  • C# - C#° or C#°7, A or A7
  • Db - E°7?
  • D - D minor, G minor or G major, Bb major
  • Eb - C minor
  • D# - What the?
  • E - C major, A or A7, C#° or C#°7, E°7
  • F - D minor, F major, Bb major
  • F# - D7?
  • Gb - What the?
  • G - G minor, C minor or C major, E°7
  • G# - What the?
  • Ab - F minor?
  • A - A or A7, D minor, F major, A minor
  • A# - Um, Bb major?
  • Bb - Bb major, G minor
  • B - G major?

As you can see, most of these notes, I am able to harmonize with either diatonic harmony or not all that many alterations to a diatonic chord. But a few notes just seem too weird if I go the 12 tone route. I mean, how would you harmonize a D# if it showed up suddenly in a D minor piece? It is just so weird of a note to harmonize in D minor. And there is 1 note that in its sharp form seems weird to harmonize but in its flat form is very easy to harmonize and is native to the key. Yep, it is that Bb/A# enharmonic equivalence. 

So if 12 tone composition is going to lead to extremely weird harmonies if I try to stick to the key of D minor, how else can I get across melodic chaos without relying on 12 tone composition(besides, 12 tone serialism isn't my thing, nor is any other form of atonality). If I use scales such as here:

or here:

Which coincidentally, both of those pieces are in A minor. But anyway, if I use scales to get all 12 notes in the octave, is my melody really chaotic in nature? I mean sure, it is chromaticism, but it is ordered chromaticism. In other words, there isn't really any chaos, is there if I rely on the chromatic scale? 12 tone composition and the chromatic scale are like opposite ends of the melodic chaos spectrum.

Chromatic scales are easy to harmonize but are ordered, not chaotic. 12 tone composition is hard to harmonize within a single tonality, but is as melodically chaotic as possible. What I need is some sort of middle ground between these 2, melodically chaotic, but at the same time, easy to harmonize. Is there anything I can do that will achieve both of these things?


Since my usual username, Amotekun, is taken because I lost my old acc with that name, I've been using Amot3kun as a substitute.  I had a cool username idea and I was wondering if I should use it, "Surreality".  Should I use that or my usual username?

Commission #0

So as this is going to be this groups introductory state, i would like to start with an easy commission. Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your composition (what do you like to arrange/compose/transcribe), what instrument you play, your experience with music, and why you came to this group. I'd like to get to know a lot of you arriving people a lot better and how i can appeal to you guys