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I'd really benefit from a feedback, please

 Hi, I'm trying to compose something to be played over a speech on a video I have to produce for college. The speech is a paragraph about Nietzsche's eternal return and how History tends to repeat itself. So I wanted to compose something that had that feeling as well. It's supposed to be 1 minute and 30 seconds. So this is not finished and I really would like some tips, please. This is my first composition but I have some knowledge on scales, modes and chords (triads).

RSA Contest 5 - Roast Something

Aight, time for our next contest!
Also held on this date to celebrate RSA's 2nd birthday, and our new moderators! :D

Sooooo...I wanted to make this a fun one (though hopefully all the other contests were fun). :P

Basically, you are to write a song between a 1:30 and 2:30 WITH LYRICS, and in your song you need to roast something :P A few ideas for things to roast include (but are not limited to):
- your least-favourite music genre
- your least-favourite food
- something you actually like but just want to roast for the sake of laughs
- school
- musescore
- this group
- me

Instrumentation: anything you want, but max. 4 parts. If it takes up a staff on the score, it counts as a part (with the exception of double staved parts, like piano).
The 4-part limit is set because all contests in this group are designed so that they do not take a lot of time to participate in, so even those with busy schedules can participate if they want to.

Deadline: September 21, 2019

This is the last contest I will be running in a long while...after this, contest duties will be handed over to our new mods, Jaybird and Skylighter.

Judging: It's currently unclear how many judges from the rest of the group we're going to appoint. I will not be judging this contest - only creating it and then maybe announcing the results. If the mods choose to judge, they will have priority and will get to judge. But if they choose not to, then judges will be appointed from the group. So if you want to judge this contest (you can't participate if you judge), comment below, and the first 1, 2, or 3 people who say they want to judge will get to judge (though only the first commenter is guaranteed a spot, and the other 2 will get to judge depending on the mods' decisions of whether they want to judge).

Judging Rubric:
10 automatic points for following the contest criteria
10 points for being pleasant to listen to
10 points for having interesting and funny lyrics that interact well with the music
5 points for having interesting melodies, chords, etc.
5 points for creativity/uniqueness (or trying new stuff)
1 bonus point for being the first submission :P (though if you rush it you might not score as high on the above criteria :P)
1 bonus point for having the piece be exactly 2 mins long
3 bonus points if the lyrics rhyme
Total: 40 points (though it is possible to get 45/40) 

Who here is still active?


I feel old.

A ton of old people that i used to know here are gone or are barely on anymore.

Anyway I'm wondering who here is still active because it feels like everyone I knew disappeared. Like all of the composers I followed except for a few haven't posted anything in months



I'm mnmwert

You may remember me

You may have seen me somewhere on this group before

I'd love to check our your pieces or chat in general. 

Chord Progressions and Structure

Now I have no clue if this group is active at all or not, but does anyone here have any hard experience with East Asian chord progressions and/or resources? I've been looking to get more experienced in this area as I become more fed up with how modern music sounds these days.

It's pretty clear that their style differs greatly from Western style music, which emphasizes more four-chord based progressions relying on the tonic (I). Conversely, I personally find the former to be more interesting, which I've also gathered to be more jazz inspired (in a way) with all those seventh chords.

Unfortunately, the Internet doesn't have much to say on analysis at first glance, only including shallow comments or basic/general ones that don't actually delve into what I'm looking for. It thus makes it difficult to find a resource worthwhile looking at.

That being said, @blushing's analysis have helped me quite a bit to get a better understanding, which felt thorough to me.

Any help you can give me is appreciated. Also, would this get better reception in a large group such as RSA?


Hey so I wanted to make this group so that other people going for composing/scoring degrees can share and discuss :D 
Feel free to add your scores and discussions!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
How long have you known what you want to do and what are your current plans for the future? I'll be going to Berklee college this fall for Film/Game Composing, so I'm really excited!!