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I would never have assumed that one of the most influential and highly regarded composers of the Baroque era (and all music to some, hinting at who ;) would not have a group or little discussions surrounding him so I have just created this as of 26 August 2019.

Intended for the posting of his music in any form - score or just audio, even with video of live performances.
As well as discussion into what little we know of him and his life, especially and most notably his influence on the greatest composer to ever live: Johann Sebastian Bach.

New Owner Here

Hello there. I’m the new owner of this group. The original creator was Phia_Jo, who has since deleted her accounts for unknown reasons. I decided to take over her place as owner in hopes that this group can grow. While at the moment the group appears to be very dead, I’m hoping that in time things will start picking up with this group. Only time can really tell though. Regardless, I hope everyone enjoys it here and remember, “If you can’t be nice, be quiet.”

Sound Not Playing

So I'm currently working on copying a piece that I made a sort of arrangement on from onto Musescore but the "Violin" and "Cello" ensembles aren't playing any sound whenever I hit the play button to listen to it.

I've been trying to mess with the inspector and velocity settings but it hasn't done anything. Can someone kindly help out? Much appreciated if someone could.

Finding Time to Do Everything

 Hey, I am currently super busy!! Before I start, I'll lay out what my week tends to be:
Monday: Double/triple up on schoolwork. Once a month is nursing home music night (which I can't miss, considering I'm the pianist)
Tuesday: Currently I'm going to my aunt's. Soon will be Piano & Choir (if I go, which I am leaning more towards not going)
Wednesday: Work in the morning, Omnibus in the afternoon, Skating at 3pm, and will be home only for supper
Thursday: I go to my aunt's all day.
Friday: School (double/triple up as needed), Youth in evening.
Saturday: House cleaning
Sunday: Depending on which Sunday is: play piano for both services, nursing home services (I can't miss, I'm the pianist), go to my grandparents for lunch, have company over.

My problem I'm almost too busy for myself to do school.
How do you guys live with being super busy and having heavy schoolwork to do!?!?!?!?
I need advice!!!!!!!!!!

Please message me or comment what tends to work for you.
P.S. with the nursing home service/music night, that are highlights of my month!!!!!! and I can't quit now, consider i leave without them having any accompainment, 'cept a clarinet.