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Welcome to Randomly Screwing Around!

Aight, so it looks like admins can pin discussions now, so yayayayay :D
This is just an introduction for new people :P

Fun fact!! This group holds the world record for most discussions in a single public musescore group, along with being the first group on musescore to ever reach 3K discussions. :P (if you find another public musescore group with more discussions...lemme know...though I hope you don't xD)

We generally refer to this group as 'RSA' (like the group icon) both inside and outside of this group.

If you haven't read the group description yet, I strongly suggest you do so (it answers a LOT of the questions that new members tend to have in here :P)

We also hold fun little contests here every once in a while. They are designed so they do not take a long time to do, which means that everyone can participate :D
Winners are posted in RSA's Hall of Fame:

And read all the links in there too :P
Especially the history of this group so you get our inside jokes (at least some of them) -
And this, which details what types of discussions are preferred and which ones will get deleted -

(I figured I'd make a discussion for this cause some people don't think of reading the rules on the right side of this page - so why not make a discussion and pin it so it appears smack dab in the middle where people would look xD)

Hope you have fun! :D

People Are Rude

I was at Barnes and Nobles recently, while there was a famous author signing books there. It blocked of the DVD section and there was a table set up at the front of the store with someone there to explain what was happening. The person there was quite nice and explained things in an understandable way... until some jack*ss asked him, and I quote, "What the f**k is going on here?" The person running the table starting to explain and the guy said, "Whatever I don't care," in the rudest way possible. The person running the stand said, "Thank you for your kindness," sarcastically. It was really funny, so I just kinda smiled and the person at the stand saw me smile. He smiled back and it was kinda nice. Anybody have similar experiences?

Also, as a side note: Are there really no Admins?