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What type of synthesizer is the best?

I would like to buy a synthesizer and after I have checked some offers on the internet, I have to say, I do not know, which is the best. I would need it for our family group - two accordions, flute, guitar, violin and piano. We would like to play for our grandfather and we can't just take piano from our home with us😉 So what would you recommend?

I've No Idea What To Do

So my parents finally bought me an alto last March (I had 3 years under my belt then) and it's a student yamaha. I thought it sounded fine, and I played fairly decent with it. Marching band passed, and no problems. I got a new mouthpiece (Selmer c star) before auditioning for an all east TN honor band a few months ago in December (I made it), and I thought I sounded good still. My teacher said my sound was fine. Recently, for the past month or two, I've been noticing a subtle "buzzy" sound when I play, and at first I thought it was the reed. I changed reeds and found out that was not the case.  I showed my band director, and he said it shouldn't be a problem. I showed my teacher, too, but he said he couldn't hear it. I even gave my friend a chance to play my sax, and we both could hear it. Fast track to a few days ago; I got my sax out to start practicing, and immediately I was hit with the very noticeable buzzy sound... but much worse than before. Almost every note has the buzzy sound in it; especially middle g through middle d. I'm going to meet my teacher about it in a few days. But, would anyone know any reason for this just suddenly happening? I feel like it could be my mouthpiece, since it has tiny scratches here and there, or my alto itself, or both. Any advice would be appreciated.

Since I’m new here

Let’s all get to know each other by telling each other 20 things bout each other. I’ll start

1.i have depression, anxiety, adhd, and I have a disability with speech
2. I’m the person who gets the blame for everything
3. I have a twin brother that has Down syndrome
4. I do over 700 hours of volunteer work per year
5.I've been playing since I was in 6th grade (I’m in 8th grade rn only for 12 more days)
6. I live in the state of Connecticut
7. I have 3 cats
8. I play lacrosse and snowboard completivly and run XC
9. I’m in book 5 of Suzuki violin school
10. I may be moving to TX so yeee haaa
11. I have over 15 violin books of etudes, studies, methods, teachings, and quartet books
12. I run a orchestral quartet ensemble that donates money to charitys
13. I’m section leader of 2nd violins in school orchestra and the schools chamber orchestra
14. I’m finally a bar mitzvah
15. I’m gay
16. I’m 14
17. I’m up to 5 mins writing this, lol 😝
18. I will do anything for a mentor to help teach me to composition and arranging music
19. I will help anyone who is writing music with solo violin parts, string orchestra, or quartets and trios and duets
20. I’m always looking for new people to meet and become friends with