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Star Wars take-off rip-off silly competition

With all the craze about Star Wars these days, the time is ripe for another take-off in fun of the phenomenon. Sure, there have been many take-offs of Star Wars but I haven't seen any here at musescore. So how about it or are you sick of all this Star Wars stuff? or do you think that having fun with it is kind of sacrilegious?

So come up with your own silly Wars music. You can think of your own silly take-off. How about zit wars? Seems silly enough. I once saw a play that was a take-off of Macbeth in which there was a zits battle instead of a sword fight, you had to be there to appreciate it.

I thought of Stare Wars with face-offs or stare-offs between our hero, Look Skyward of the Jade Eyes and the dark eyed villain, Stares Evader. Sound silly enough? A musical version is coming soon to a theater near you or else to this musescore group.

Would like to hear your own silly version. Anyone interested?

supersilly hero contest

Stuart D had a great idea, suggesting a song about a superworm in response to my song about about superdog. Superworm, a hero sure to worm its way into your heart. Superdog, sure to make you howl. Maybe Rivergrove's burping dino would make a great silly superhero also. Of course, the DYDD is already a superhero.
For this competition, you can come up with your own superhero. Here are silly ideas:

How about superdustbunny, not a hero to sneeze at?

Supercentipede, with its legion of legs?

superzit, the unconquerable, which springs into action on dates and job interviews. no, that is too much

Superprune, the amazing flying fruit that discommodes bad guys

superarmchair, traps unsuspecting villians and envelops them into a deep sleep

supersock, whose powerful aroma incapacitates the worst enemy

supernoodle, supertonsil, supertooth (used I think already), super baby, super canary, super goldfish, the list is endless.

So hurry and enter now. only $19.95 but wait you also get…. sorry never mind that. just enter the contest, it will be fun. no rules about the song, lyrics would be good but not necessary. just something that sounds heroic and silly.

Battle #26!

Christmas battle time! The sides are: Waiting for Santa vs Last Minute Shopping vs Opening Presents vs Christmas Miracle. You may also be peaceful and incorporate all sides into your song.

Send the audio file, preferably in MP3 format, to stating your side, your Musescore username and a description (If desired). Also, please refrain from posting your song anywhere else until the battle is over in order to keep the anonymity of the competition.

Merry Christmas!

Word hunt #3

Ready to find a word?
You can find it in the gibberish below.

Word hunt #2

Ready to find a word?
you can find it in this gibberish below:
rhjegrehw;hg;ehbnvolji'q;aeiraehnqewghorshgormnyveunoiptecvnuoipexmuogipmexyhutimewxhuchyuiyitcyhpt,xoip,xyighpr,woPhoenixjkbgejtortkishgiortw[ortijhiwgoiw[oib oirgr vuoyn mwoherutntiy vnut[ihbinvtor[iwbhnortiw[bogirewhjbogi[ewhgio[rewhbovgi[ewhog[irhegygfdtgkfdghkdfyulfyuolrfyuorleguipqeyghfir[weghiorewhgiorpewhgiohewvgio[rehiogrhjo[iggor[eawgoreghior[ewhgio[rqehgior[ewhiorg[ewhiog[oiwghorewghio[whhio[hio.

Do you like songs with lyrics?

I have started a new group for those precious few of us who like lyrics in songs. If you write lyrics in your songs, want someone to write lyrics for your songs, or want to write songs for someone's lyrics, or even just enjoy listening to songs with lyrics then this group may be just up your alley.
Check it out, you can always Un-join in the future. We're just starting up and we really would like you to post your finished songs with lyrics, help and collaboration is only done through discussions so your privacy is respected.
Cheers for the New year... look forward to your works.

Gibberish code hunt, word hunt and binary word hunt tutorial --- OBSOLETE

To earn points from a word hunt, you find the word that is in the gibberish below the line and post the word in the comment section.
NOTE: to help you find the word, it will have the 1st letter capitalized.
NOTE #2: also, don't post words that do not have their 1st letter capitalized.
Gibberish code hunts are a bit different and that includes the target word, made-up word, numbers or words and numbers together, made-up words and numbers together or all at once.
Binary word hunts are the same as normal word hunts but the gibberish and the target word(s) are in binary and you'll need a binary decoder like this: and a binary decoder is listed at the beginning of the binary word hunt.

Battle #25 (Extended[Extended]) Results!

I think this battle has taken the longest out of all of them XP What was it, 2 months and 8 days or something? Well, it's over now, and it's time to announce the winner!

1st: TheMasterXCalibur----------Rise from the Ashes
2nd: 4thvar--------------------Wyrm Suite
3rd: ShadowFlame--------------Thunderbirds
4th: Richard G Perritt Sr.---------Dragon v. Unicorn
4th: NeonNinja-----------------Bump in my Soup


Great job everyone! And congratulations to Master! Come up with Christmas-y sides for the December Battle!

Battle #25 (Extended) Results!

And... For the first time in history... We have a three-way tie!

1st: Wyrm Suite
1st: Thunderbird
1st: Rise from the Ashes
4th: Dragon v. Unicorn
4th: Bump in my soup

Okaaayyyyyy, this is like the battle that wouldn't die :P Let's do a re-vote, but you can only vote for the songs that tied. Vote with a comment again below! I'll allow 3 days for voting. (also remember that you are not allowed to vote for your own song)

Battle #25 (Extended) Voting!

Okey-dokey alrighty let's get this thing going! Listen to all the songs, pick your favorite, and vote with a comment! It's never been easier! (well, it's never been harder either, but whatever) here are the competing songs:


The Wyrm Suite:

Here's my piece for the Dragon side, called The Wyrm Suite, which is divided into three sections: Awakening, Dragonfire and from the Ashes.

Dragon v. Unicorn:

The banjo is a dragon, the guitar a unicorn. They battle, being very even at first, but the unicorn tries to go for the kill. The dragon battles back and the unicorn submits as the dragon sings its victory song.




Rise from the Ashes:



Bump in my Soup:

No one really knows what the old troll puts in his soup, but he certainly did NOT put whatever THAT thing is in there, I'm sure.

Be sure to listen to each song all the way through before voting! The deadline has been bumped up to the 5th, this post being 5 days late. Sorry about that :P

your turn to vote!!! hopefully the page is working now

the "Laugh Silly" version of the academy awards for music and composer. All members can submit their vote for the best "Laugh Silly" composer and for best composition thus far (excluding chinadoll, in other words, do not vote for chinadoll or anything of chinadoll compositions, not that you would necessarily, but just in case, thanks)

Battle #25 (Extended)

Alrighty, since we only have one entry so far, we are going to extend the deadline another month, so the sides are the same: Dragon vs. Unicorn vs. Phoenix vs. Griffin vs. Troll.

Send the audio file, preferably in MP3 format, to stating your side, your Musescore username and a description (If desired). Also, please refrain from posting your song anywhere else until the battle is over in order to keep the anonymity of the competition.

PLEASE if any of you have ANYTHING, be it a WIP, or just a little ditty, just send it in! We really need more participants here. Admins! it is our responsibility to keep this group alive, and more of us really should be entering more battles, and participating in the group, myself included.

C #5 sides!


After C #4, Caio has choosen the following sides for this Competition:

⦿ Nationalist compositions -> Compose a piece with a local theme and (or) a local rhythm.
⦿ Literary compositions -> Compose a piece based in literature, poetry or novels. The piece must have reference to the book (title, character, passage, chapter, etc.)!
⦿ Compositions based in old music -> The compositions can be based in any historical period between medieval music and romantic music.

You have to send your composition to in an audio file and you would also have to provide a PDF of the sheet.
REMEMBER to say your username (from Musescore) and THE SIDE of your composition.
The deadline to send your pieces is 31/10/15 (dd/mm/yy) at 23:59 (CET).
Also if you've got any questions about this competition or about the group in general, email to

Have fun composing! =D

Feedback Please

"...As an added challenge ( and for my ear training) I will not let myself hear the music as it's being composed. I will write all the music on manuscript paper then put it into musescore and I will not tweak the music, what you hear is what I wrote, meaning I might have some bad sounding areas" taken from the description of my first symphony. find it here:

Battle #25

The next battle will be the battle of the mythical creatures: Dragon vs. Unicorn vs. Phoenix vs. Griffin vs. Troll! (No, not the Internet troll.) You can also choose to be peaceful and incorporate all the sides into your song.

Send the audio file, preferably in MP3 format, to stating your side, your Musescore username and a description.

Now get composing!

Arrangement Challenge

Hello to anyone who's reading this. I have a challenge for any who wishes to try. Though, I will be evaluating Quality and Accuracy. This is supposed to be a fun activity, maybe even tedious. Though, here's the challenge. It is one of my own songs that I made in Fruity Loops:

The Tempo is at 84 BPM. Good luck everyone! (You must include every instrument!)