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The Big One

Hey guys and/or gals. If you haven't already seen it, I'm making one big transcription/arrangement for Undertale for a multitude of instruments. This being said, it's a bit time-consuming for one person to do it. So, what I'm hoping to do here is to enlist people to help. I've seen a lot of awesome pieces here, and I was hoping that the people here could help out. If you think you can help contribute, go and download the piece (fair warning, it might lag your computer a little), make some additions, and email it to me to add to the finalized copy. I'll also post regular updates on the piece so everyone can see how it's progressing. Thanks to everyone who wants to help!

What is wrong with Lego?

Look waht theyve done! They take LU down and call it a "failure" and "dosent stand a chance" WELL YOU KNOW WHAT?!?! They replaced it with crap (you know I wanna say worse) like LEGO MINIFIGURES and CHIMA. *shivers*
Share your thoughts on this horrible decision, and what they could have done instead!

I think they should have removed FTP, would have forced so many of those free people to buy, and thus save the game. No offense to FTP members and all (Sorry LUfan!)

Thank You

Hey guys,
I just wanted to give a big thanks for all of you who are listening to my scores.
Also, because I'm working to arrange the Doctor Who theme music chronologically, I've just started working on a transcription for Colin Baker's second theme, The Trial of a Time Lord version.
I've found transcribing it difficult, as Dominic Glynn's distinct but almost random inclusion of motifs and sound effects make it practically impossible for me to finish the first sections in E minor.
It is then I thought of just moving onto the Sylvester McCoy theme by Keff McCulloch in A minor.
What are your thoughts on this? Is there a sensible way to transcribe most of Glynn's wibbly-wobbly theme without making the first sections sound repetitive and lacklustre (given that the presence of the extra motifs and sound effects are what reinforce the structure)?
Not Ton

Faron Woods TP Reorchestrated!

Ah man, I'm on a music-making spree. I just recently participated in my County Honor Band as Euphonium. The guest conductor was Gary P. Gilroy and we played some of his music! I gotta couple pictures and autographs; his music was great. And guess what? He uses Sibelius to write! Amazing!!

Anyways. I have recently made this little piece. I hope you enjoy the new additions, solos, and overall ambient atmosphere I've tried to incorporate in this song. I hope you like it!

Howling wind sounds

I stumbled across a few ideas, and I wanted to make howling wind sounds using orchestral instruments. As Musescore doesn't have the wind machine, I'd like to know if anyone knows how to mimic howling/screaming wind sounds. I've tried musical glasses but they sound too sharp and are difficult to transit through a musical passage.

Porting from Sibelius

Hi, I'm Benny, I'm a self-taught composer, and have been trained as a classical pianist for 9-odd years. Recently I've been creating a couple piano arrangements of the Undertale soundtrack. Unfortunately these were on my (maybe-not-so-legally-obtained) copy of Sibelius, which is my preferred music software. I think converting to XML works pretty well for porting it into musescore and uploading it, but it's not ideal for all sorts of things. As such if I post something I will also provide a more cleaned up pdf version in the description. I think you will only need an editable version of one of my scores if you want to use it as a reference.

For the most part I have a feeling that the main use of my scores will be to be used as reference; my transcriptions are quite difficult, intending to reflect the soundtrack more than being playable by the average pianist. Case in point: Reducing something that is an electronic ensemble onto a single keyboard is, at times, difficult. They should be possible to play, and I can play all of them at half tempo, but for the average pianist it may, understandably, look impossible. I will try to present evidence of their possibility but I don't have a lot of time to try to learn everything I transcribe. Nevertheless I hope that my contributions may be worth using as a reference, as I promise they are 99% accurate with regard to notes and rhythms, and are clearly legible (at least in the pdf). Thank you!