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Bug or not?

Hello, I have been having this problem of when listening to a song on Musescore, the red bar that highlights bars are like, off. The bar is going to the next bar before the music actually goes there. Sorry, I have horrible explanation skills. If you can fix this listening to music would be more satisfying. Thank you.

What, in your mind, is your greatest musical achievement?

Mine would probably be winning an international piano competition (in my state's "division" - there's a "division" in a good number but not all of the US states and a bunch of other countries around the world) and getting to play in Carnegie hall :D
(it was on January 20 2019 - driving down to new york was a NIGHTMARE - new england winters are the worst because ice falls from the sky quite frequently :/ we flew back so yeet)

I played Rachmaninov's "Little Red Riding Hood" etude (op. 39 no. 6) - if you haven't heard it I STRONGLY recommend listening to it - it's INSANE (

Downloads, and feedback

 I recently got Muse-score Pro, and noticed it told you how many people downloaded your music. I find this odd, because the number of downloads is almost triple the size of any of my comments or favorites. I think it would be cool if someone added a comment bar option to pop up when someone downloaded your music. Thank you!!


I know there are a lot of these discussions saying that people are leaving but...…. here is another. 

I am going to camp next Tuesday, this camp does not allow cell phones, computer, alarm clocks, or watches. so...…. I will not be able to be on. I will however come back early Monday morning so I should be on sometimes that week. also to the person who I am doing a biography on, I am planning on having that done before I leave. 

Hal Leonard Claimed My Music, What Do I Do?

So today I got an email from musescore saying one of my scores was taken down after being claimed for copyright infringement by Hal Leonard. The thing is that it was claimed under the following:

Reportedly infringed copyright:
Artist: Arr. Breandan Maloney
Song: Send in the Men
Publisher: Hal Leonard

So I'm being claimed by a publishing company for my own music under my own name. I've contacted Hal Leonard and disputed the copyright claim through musescore, but something tells me that I'm not likely to win this one. What's my next course of action?