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Ein perfektes Hochzeitskleid wird eine Erinnerung sein die sein wird

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So  können Sie Tanzkleider im Großhandel kaufen und der Preis für Kleidung  ist sehr niedrig. Schließlich, wenn Sie die Möglichkeit haben,  Ballkleider selbst zu machen, können Sie es alleine tun. Auf diese Weise  müssen Sie nur den Stoff und das Material kaufen. So kann es eine Menge  Geld sparen und Sie können die. Wie wunderbar! Sie sollten jedoch  sicherstellen, dass Sie wirklich die Möglichkeit haben, Ballkleider  selbst herzustellen. Ansonsten ist es besser, einen zu kaufen. 
 Diese Möglichkeiten sind nur nützlich, wenn Sie nicht viel Geld haben,  um teure Kostüme zu besitzen. Wenn Sie also reich sind und sich teure  und schöne Tanzkleider leisten können, können Sie das kostspielige  unbedingt kaufen, ohne zu zögern. 
Ein genaues Maß am Brautkleid verbessert Ihr Aussehen
Ein ideales Hochzeitskleid ist für Ihren besonderen Tag von großer Bedeutung. Streicheln Sie Ihre Figur 
günstiger kleider
,  Ihren einzigartigen Geschmack und Ihre Persönlichkeit. Dieses besondere  Kleid ist auch ein greifbares Symbol für Ihre Liebe. Ein perfektes  Hochzeitskleid wird eine Erinnerung sein, die Sie über Jahre hinweg  schätzen wird.

experimental music - an impression

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A piece to share with you guys. The inspiration of this one comes from a nightmare: in the dream, I was drifting alone in an ocean and whenever I would look up at the night sky, the constellations would form a haunting face of a young woman which stared down at me. certainly lonely, slightly unpleasant and enigmatic... For those who believe dreams bear meaning to real life, then, perhaps, I am having problems with being lonely or abondoned by women in my life? lol 

Any ideas on varying a Mozart theme?

I have always wanted to compose a Theme and Variations. I got the idea yesterday of taking a Mozart theme and varying it. Now I have gotten even more specific. Even though the Turkish March is not my favorite Mozart piece(his 40th symphony is my favorite or if talking specifically piano works, the K 545 is my favorite), it does have what I think is an excellent theme to develop into a theme and variations. That is the beginning A minor section in ABA' form.

There  are multiple reasons that I think this is a great theme to develop into a theme and variations but perhaps the strongest reason of all is that Mozart does not even touch that theme when it comes to development, he only develops the A major and F# minor sections of the rondo. The repeat of the A minor theme is a pure repeat, no note changes at all.

Since Mozart does not develop this beginning theme, that means I can do whatever I want with it in terms of development. I could have a variation where it goes from a March rhythm to a Waltz rhythm and the time signature changes respectively. I could have it modulate to another key like say Bb major via a pivot chord. I could do anything to it. Thing is, well, variations tend to build on each other so the second variation will often be more intense than the first variation and so on  as you get more and more variations.

This is what makes Theme and Variations harder than it seems. With each progressing variation it tends to get more intense but you somehow have to have a satisfactory ending to it and not leave the listener hanging on a fleeting cadence. I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to  vary the A minor theme of Mozart's Turkish March(bars 1-25 of the piece). 

I have been told to find a skeleton form of the theme and use that to get sister variations of Mozart's theme rather than just its progeny but how would I decide which notes to put into the skeleton?

Hai, just a new person.

So, I am just a flute player who loves to study music theory and the baroque period of music. I have loved to make music revolving around using a mixture of woodwind and violin instruments while dabbing with Basso Continuo every once and a while. Just wondering how I upload stuff and get acquainted and all. Thanks!