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Help. I'm trying to track down a score.

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Hello, I wonder, has anyone ever come across sheet music by Giuliano Sacchetto and / or Giordano Trivellato.  I understand they are the composers behind a lovely piece of piano music called Daydreaming, used on one of those meditation CDs.  I'd love to learn to play it, but having real difficulty finding the music, no matter how much I google.   Thanks. 

Tango for solo piano

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 When I was riding the usual train back home last Friday (15/03/2019), there was a beggar who came to a small group of children and started to tell them his whole life story, (probably to) exploit their innocence and kindness, as to squeeze out whatever candy money the kids would have had inside their jackets. The situation made me rather irritated. Finally,the beggar walked away after he had managed to get out whatever pocket money the children had to offer. The melody came to me all of a sudden, then, the rhythmic shaking and turnings of the train seemed to me like a tango. So, that is what I decided to write.

Richard Clayderman

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Hello friends! I heard a wonderful piece by Richard Clayderman the other day, and I would very much like to find a Midi Music file called For My Sweetheart or Lettre A Ma Mere, they seem to be the same, so I didn’t find such music here, I really would like somebody to do this, thank you so much

Format question

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Hello everyone! I am wondering if there is a hard and fast rule on when to use the hairpin crescendo/decrescendo and when to use the ones with dotted lines. Also, is it generally acceptable to use both types in one piece, or are you supposed to stick to one throughout?

Help me read please?

This seems like the place to ask beginner level questions so please may I? 
About me; You will have heard my story many times over - I took some lessons years ago and recently found myself wanting to get back in. I was being tutored back then and although I took some lessons over some years I don't think i ever got out of the gate really. I have next to no skill and zero confidence but i want that to change. At this point I have very basic reading skills, given a simple enough piece and enough time to study it and practice I can get a melody and baseline going.

So anyway, with a renewed gusto and a determined mindset that this time i will self study, i found myself here looking for music to play. Beatles, that's a good place to start right? simple, easy and everyone knows the tunes.
Penny lane, that's a goodun I say to myself and then BOOM i hit my first snag. 
The score:-

second measure, the first notes in bass line require a G in two octaves, the higher G remains held while the lower notes descend further. How is this played?  the stretch is impossible or am i reading it wrong?

thank you for humouring my idiocy.

Need help which sheet notes to look for

Hi Guys, I am really a piano beginner and I am looking for sheet notes that will include the piano solo + chords. Problem is I can't find such a thing it's either sheets that have piano with right and left hands or Guitar that include chords only but with the solo. I am interested in both like in the books when you have solo + chords + lyrics. What do I need to look for? is there a name for these sheets? Thanks...