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Ever got banned form a game for no reason?

One day I was on Roblox (yes, people STILL play it) and I was playing Phantom Forces (pretty dank game) and I was just doing it how I normally do until I start to get killed over and over again by some level 15's and 25's with BGF 50's AND Ballistics trackers! (if you don't know, on the game you don't get a BGF 50 till level 60 ish and you don't get the Ballistics tracker will 45 ish!) These boi's basicly just stole their moms credit card to buy guns on a GAME! So, I do what any normal person would do if this happened to them and I said to them,"Why the BT on a BGF 50?!" Then about 2 min. later, I see that they are trying to vote kick ME! FOR NO REASON! *REEEEE!* So what about you guys?(sorry this was so long! XD )

Are Vaccines Actually Bad?

Well, we wanted some fresh debate topics, and as far as I can tell, this one's never been done on this group before, so let's see what people think.

I personally believe that there is literally no reason to not vaccinate for 99% of people, and anyone who decides to go unvaccinated is putting themselves and others at risk. I especially have a distaste for those who do not vaccinate their children.