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Fandom Wars

in BTS

As you guys know, ARMY and other fandoms have been fighting a lot recently. I personally am saddened by this. I mean, music is supposed to connect us, not divide us to the point where we have full-blown twitter wars. What do you guys think we can do to stop the fighting and just get along?

Need help

in BTS

Hello everyone,
yey i found some community that take their like to some work, like covering BTS songs to piano or their own version. Like you I want to do something with BTS songs. I dont know how to play piano, or do music, but I really have interest in music especially in kpop. So recently I read some paper that can identify music using computer program, and I want to make one that can identify bts music or any kpop music, like finding their commonly feature etc. And in order to do that, I need as much as I can find kpop music.  Now I only working on piano cover, so I need your help to give me link to download kpop music piano cover, please. Is anyone can recommend me some link for my purpose? Btw I had download all the music sheet in this group, and I love it so much. Thank you for your time and for your help.. :))

New Army

in BTS

Hi, I'm a new Army. I loved kpop since last year about February but I don't know BTS that much so can you guys tell me about their personalities. I can only tell them from their faces and I know their names. I'm also an extreme EXO-L so please don't fight. I hope that the fan war would stop for once and for all since they're friends. (I found Jungkook and Jin rather attractive) Thanks!