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Problems Updating Scores

I want to update my score, however, even when I fill out all the parts, whenever I click 'Save,' it doesn't do anything.

It's like the button doesn't do anything.

And this isn't a one-time thing. I have tried on many occasions, but to no avail. This is really frustrating. I have even tried changing the privacy settings and the ownership rights, (to try and see if it makes a difference) but it still doesn't work. Please help. Thanks. 

Welcome to Randomly Screwing Around!

Aight, so it looks like admins can pin discussions now, so yayayayay :D
This is just an introduction for new people :P

Fun fact!! This group holds the world record for most discussions in a single public musescore group, along with being the first group on musescore to ever reach both 3k and 4k discussions. :P (if you find another public musescore group with more discussions...lemme know...though I hope you don't xD)

We generally refer to this group as 'RSA' (like the group icon) both inside and outside of this group.

If you haven't read the group description yet, I strongly suggest you do so (it answers a LOT of the questions that new members tend to have in here :P)

We also hold fun little contests here every once in a while. They are designed so they do not take a long time to do, which means that everyone can participate :D
Winners are posted in RSA's Hall of Fame:

And read all the links in there too :P
Especially the history of this group so you get our inside jokes (at least some of them) -
And this, which details what types of discussions are preferred and which ones will get deleted -

(I figured I'd make a discussion for this cause some people don't think of reading the rules on the right side of this page - so why not make a discussion and pin it so it appears smack dab in the middle where people would look xD)

Hope you have fun! :D

[In Progress] Cannot connect to YouTube Account


I closed my Pro account last month and opened a free account instead (Mike Magatagan [Stimpy@Fan.Net]). I tried to associate the new account to my YouTube account but I receive the message: 

The YouTube channel Mike Magatagan is already connected with another MuseScore account. Upgrade to MuseScore Pro
to connect multiple MuseScore accounts to the same YouTube channel.”

Would you please remove any and all associations with my previous Pro account.
Thank you 

Filling a few gaps in Song Cycles

We are still missing a transcription in a few sets - and these transcriptions would allow us to complete the song cycle in each case:

Brahms, Johannes - 7 Lieder, Op.48, No.4 - Gold überwiegt die Liebe
Brahms, Johannes - 7 Lieder, Op.48, No.6 - Vergangen ist mir Glück und Heil
Chausson, Ernest - 7 Mélodies, Op.2, No.4 - La dernière feuille
Chausson, Ernest - 7 Mélodies, Op.2, No.5 - Sérénade italienne
Debussy, Claude - Ariettes Oubliées, No.4 - Chevaux de bois
Franz, Robert - 6 Gesänge, Op.6, No.6 - Tränen

Anyone keen to transcribe one of these?

Admin Elections (August 2019)

I see how hard leading an orchestra by myself is now. :3
I don't have the time and energy to run this by myself, so now I'm adding bimonthly admin elections! :D

Admins MUST:
- Moderate the group (duh)
- Add people who have signed up
- Remove non-orchestral pieces
- Remove people who HAVEN'T signed up (looking at like half the orchestra here) This bugs me the most

Admin Sign-up Form (Google Forms):

Admin Sign-up Form (Musescore):
Username -
How many scores you have -
Leadership Experience -
Weekly Activity (1-10) -
How trustworthy would you consider yourself to be? -

Admin Requirements:
At least 1 score
Some kind of leadership experience
At least 2 log-ins a week

Out of everyone who signs up, I'll add, get this, ONE.
Elections will stop in April 2020 and will resume when someone resigns.

Next election: October 2019

*mental preparation for the tons of messages i'm gonna get*

Trouble uploading score

Hey everyone! I've been quiet for a while, but I wanted to upload a couple small pieces I wrote. However, when I go to the Upload Scores part of the website, the "Upload a Score" button does nothing. This is after I've entered all required information. I tried on a few different browsers, and still nothing. Has anyone else had similar problems?


Drew Bowling

Ask Questions UPDATE (v.1.1.1)

Our developers has updated us with new functions:

- Ask Bucks! 
You can now earn Ask Bucks every time you use me! You then can redeem those for prizes! This is in its beta mode and still being developed.

- New User System!
You can get a free Ask Eats order without a credit card! If you like it, you then can continue your services!

- Telephone System!
You now can set your phone ringtones and call people!

-No more accounts! (v.1.1.1)
You now will not need to make an account when buying things online; you just may need a credit card number.

-Joining discussions/groups! (v1.1.1)
Ask can now join discussions and groups!

And other minor edits! Why not you try me out?