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A Message to My Friends on Musescore

 Hello everyone!

Sorry for not doing much. I've been really busy with school and the new self-learning program I was introduced to.

The last thing I did was post my orchestra piece that is to be performed this year, and I have so many ideas for medleys I want to do.

So here's the message, I want to write a medley, problem is, I don't know which one to do. So here's my proposal. I'm narrowing to three categories, and you guys decide what medley of each category should be done. Here are the categories:

1. Medley (A normal medley that is meant to tell the story of mainly a game or to have music from fiction that has similar elements:
2. Mini Medley (This medley has about 3-7 songs in it and could be orchestrated. It is meant to tell a part of a story, or again, have music from fiction that has similar themes.
3. Music Tribute (This is a giant compilation of multiple medleys that act as different movements in the tribute, like Insaneintherain's Video Game Jazz Tribute)

So here are the categories with the medleys that correspond:

1. Super Mario 64
2. Super Mario Galaxy
3. Final Fantasy VII
4. Pokemon: Red and Blue
5. We've Got Dragons!
6. Adventurers and Treasure Hunters
7. The Man From Snowy River
8. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
9. Donkey Kong Country
10. The Heroines of the First Generations (The most popular video game protagonists in the 80s and the 90s)
11. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Remastered Edition

Mini Medley:
1. Castlevania: Legacy of Hunters
2. Mega Man and the Return of Dr. Wily
3. Undertale: For the Destroyed Hopes and Dreams
4. Fallout: The Struggle of Humanity
5. Super Smash Brothers: Legacy of Legendary Warriors
6. Link’s Awakening: The Annihilation of Koholint

Music Tribute (with their movements):
- The Realms of Fiction: A Pop Culture Music Tribute;
1. Galaxies Far Far Away
2.The Supernatural and Magical
3. Through Ancient Temples
4. Universe's Mightiest Heroes
5. Back from the Past
6. Legends of Old
- Video Game Music Tribute (Title undecided)
1. Press Start
2. Game Paused
3. Game Over
4. At Journey's End
5. Bonus Level

Thank you guys for everything and for supporting me!

Have fun choosing!

-BotW Link 

Evolution - a story needs to be told in times of ignoring science

listen here

more a classic style piece. imagine something grows, it then will be nearly waived by antural desaster but adapting to new conditions it grows even better. that's the simple story about evolution. 
and to tell it more philosophically: what mankind has achieved has been achieved by collaboration, not by confrontation.