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In this group, 16 people will be entered in a tournament. Edward will assign a song and you will have to upload it on musescore, and the best people on that song will move on to the next round. Like you will be against somebody from the group. You will compete against him, and If you win, you will move on to the winners of round 1. You must be serious about this, this means that you must do it if you signed up and no joking around! Only 16 spots!!! Be the first to sign up now!!, This means that there were 16 spots open now there are 4 spots left!

Hi, I wrote a dark piece for piano and I'd really appreciate feedback!

in Piano

Heyo! So, I've been working on this piece for piano for about a month--it's one of my more "contemporary" pieces, but I'm sort of new to the whole concept. Just playin' around with tonality and spook and all that. It's based in a pretty dark story and, uh, yeah--I'd really appreciate feedback. (Disclaimer: I am not a pianist, so if anyone could point out technical concerns, I'd super appreciate that, too!)