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Can you find all references?

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Can you find all hints to other pieces I've build into this "Etude"?
Also, what do you think of it?

My description of the piece:
"The composer this was inspired by was M. A. Hamelin, a Canadian  virtuoso pianist who is known for his extremely demanding compositions  as well as his distinctive playing and (if needed) extremely high velocity and precision...

The form of this piece is more of a  totally mixed together "Pot­pour­ri" of different variations and many  references not only to Hamelin's pieces, but also his technique and  other compositions he played... "

I need help!

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I am currently working on a medley of songs from the jazz group Snarky Puppy, but I have run out of ideas for what songs to do. I already have decided on: Shofukan, What About Me?, Tarova, Jefe, and Even Us. Any other ideas?

Transcription please? Thanks!

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Hi guys! I’ve found this song, in case you don’t live forever by Ben Platt, and I really want to sing it for my girlfriend on our anniversary, but I’m rather terrible and have no idea where to even start transcribing notes. If someone could do it, doesn’t need to be perfect, I would appreciate it so sooo much! It’s one of her favourites and I feel like I should do something special for our one year anniversary. The song is at the link below, thank you to anyone who gives it a go! Love y’all, keep playing!
PianoAndTea x

Song link: