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Could someone there pick up a score and a music midi for me?

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The name of the song is Witches and Wizards, from the book Legends and Lore,

  I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place, and also for any typos, since I'm using Google Translate to write everything. 
  If you can upar the two, midi and sheet (sheet?) Would help me a lot, as I am still somewhat dependent on midi files.

Here in Brazil, one does not find books about piano and I do not have money to buy also, so I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

[code]Thanks in advance![/code]

I want to share sheet music in korea

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 I want you to know that I use a translator before I write.
 First of all, I live in Korea and music is popular in Korea, so I am one of the generation who learned music most of the time. 
 So, I play the piano as a hobby, but I think most of the music that is shared is Korean music and I think there are only world-famous music that is shared overseas, so I am planning to choose good music for YouTube. 
 Once I get a list, I'm going to post it on YouTube if he sees it and says it's okay, and if it does, I'm going to post it on YouTube if you give me the producer's mark and other website. 
 And this is the list. 
Adam Wallace 
The Last Goodbye - Billy Boyd

  Airik Daily
 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ED | Ninelie


Yoru no uta - 夜の歌 

Ocean Lullaby - Original 
Flowering Night - Sakuya's Theme (full ver.) 
Surrender - The Birthday Massacre - Piano

Elysium of the blue sky (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) Piano Sheet Music 

 ||Keys Sonata|| - Keys of Light 

Wendy's Song

  Bomb and Kou Sheet Music 
Again | Your Lie in April | TheIshter Sheet Music | Full Sheets - Re-Done 
Stormclouds [Original Piano Solo] 
Dream Within Dreams/No Adrenaline | Valiant Hearts: The Great War 

 Ceascer Olivian Hallenkord 



 Hampus Lönnqvist 

東方萃夢想Touhou-Broken Moon 

 Harris Zheng  
Think of Me In Space


A Better Day  (Original)
 Running Lost In Time (Original)

Magic Mirror Piano [Rin & Len] Full Song!

 kartikay.kumar.944 Katyusha[Grand Piano]

White Reflection - Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz 

Goodbye | Piano solo
 Piano Song | 68 Follower Special!!

Incarnation as a Fish (original)
 Synesthesia Colors (original)

2018 Inspiration Original Composition

 Piano sheets 
Two Steps From Hell: Star Sky - Piano Solo

Piano Solo 9 - original compossition

ああああ - 『 Carnation 』【BMS差分】{Collaborative transcription} 
 Progression {Original Piano Solo}  

 rebecca yang
 Shine Through 
 Collage of Colours|LIVE RECORDING 
 Emerald|Advanced Piano Solo 

At the Pirate Tavern  

 Ruslan Denshaev 
...night, snowflakes, lamppost

Sam’s Theme 

 Simon Wetton 
Summer Snow 
(Original Composition)

Original Theme for RSA Variations 
Flow of Time 
Isle Of Memories 
Starry Skies  


 TheLight OI 
Far in the Distance
 A Love Dream

Splice (400 followers) 

  - The Zhong Bros. -  
Scent (from VOEZ)

A Light in the Storm (Original Piano Solo) 

 Vinicius de Oliveira Souza 
Snow Fairy - Funkist - Fairy Tail

 ViolaNotViolin Endless Tears: Love is a Beautiful Pain [complete]

[Touhou] Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country


Death Moon 


-This will continue to be revised- 
 It is so strange to read translated English. :o

+I'm sorry I made you misunderstand.
I did not write it properly.
What I'm trying to do is not play the selected songs directly on the piano, but introduce them.
 At the top, I can just see what I introduce because most of the Korean teenagers in their 20s have learned to play the piano. 
 What I'm trying to do is introduce, not real performance. 
 I'm sorry again. 

Piano Arrangements

Hello - my lovely wife is Vietnamese and we live in the U.S. - she plays the piano wonderfully to my ears and she wants me to buy her sheet music for the piano - but, she wants Vietnamese songs old and new......can you please provide me a website to go to in order to purchase music - thanks!

Rick and Nga

Sarah - Vincent Gross Noten (Piano ,alle Instrumente, bzw. alle Parts)

in Piano

Hallo Leute, ich habe jetzt das gesamte Internet durchstöbert aber keine Noten zu diesem Stück gefunden.
Weiß jemand von euch wie ich an diese Noten kommen könnte ?
Oder kann jemand von euch vom Gehör die Noten schreiben?
Ich kann das leider nicht aber ich würde so gerne dieses Stück spielen.

Es wäre echt Klasse jemand könnte mir aushelfen und mir die Noten des Stückes schreiben. Vielen Dank euch allen!

Hey guys, I´m searching notes for the Song Sarah by Vincent Gross but I didn´t find them in the whole Internet.
Do you maybe know where I can get the notes?
Or are you able to write the notes from this Song for me down?
Because I can´t do this and I would like play this song so much.
Thank you guys so much !
Here is a Link of this Song, for the People who doesn´t know the Song:
and Instrumental:

World of Tanks Clan sucht Spieler

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Guten Tag zusammen,
Unser Clan HPPT ist eine deutsche Gruppe aktiver Spieler, denen es an erster Stelle steht, ein verlässliches Team aufzubauen und in Clangefechten Spaß am Spiel zu haben. Dabei ist es uns am Wichtigsten, dass eine gute Harmonie zwischen den einzelnen Mitgliedern herrscht und sich jeder im Clan wohl fühlt. Verlangt werden von jedem Spieler neben Teamfähigkeit aktives Spielen, Verlässlichkeit und eine akzeptable Wertung. Zudem nutzen wir das Programm Discord (Nikanor#4331) zur besseren Kommunikation. Organisation und Ernsthaftigkeit sind bei uns Selbstverständlichkeit. Bei Interesse per Discord oder unter folgender Adresse melden: