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Owl City Fans

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This group is intended to be a place where Adam Young fans can find and post quality arrangements of his work; as well as give constructive feedback to each other. Feel free to join and post any arrangements that you have!

Cello Submarine

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Unlike some other groups on MuseScore, Cello Submarine does not use the term "foreign" here. Any discrimination is prohibited. Non-English speakers are especially welcomed.

Panouric Composers

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For Composers whom follow the musical practices of theorists such as Haydn, Schoenberg, Bartók, Lutowsławski, and Stravinsky.

Basically Modern “Classical” Composers

Solos to Quintets

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A group where you can post your solo music or small band music. Original or Arranged, your choice.

Shadow Group

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Good job. You found the hidden group. This group is not to be shared, talked about, or anything of the like. Think of it as a bonus chest in a video game, but a chest that doesn't give you anything.

1. DO NOT reveal the existence of the group.
2. You can post whatever within the group as long as it is not a) Spam, b) Rude, c) Profane, or d) Any combination of the above.
3. You may share one composition/arrangement in this group per person. This is to be your best piece as of the time you share it. You can create as many discussions as you want (in regards to rule #2)