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This group is about everything related to saxophone. Share scores (of course with sax as leading instrument) and discuss saxophone playing- and composing- related topics. Some general discussions about sax, sax music, sax players are welcome as well.

Here is the list of saxophone groups containing sets of scores as well, so check them out:

1) Saxophone ensembles group (quartets,quintets,etc.)

2) Jazz Standards Lead Sheets

3) Sax arrangements group
- saxophone arrangements of rock/pop music or movies’/games’ soundtracks:

4) Sax solo transcriptions

Jazz Standards Lead Sheets

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This is a group for creating MuseScore lead sheets of jazz standards. Feel free to contribute by posting lead sheets and reporting mistakes in existing ones.

Please add only jazz standard lead sheets to this group. There are many other jazz-related groups on MuseScore for other types of jazz scores (see group listings below)--please DO contribute your other types of jazz scores to those groups! This group's moderators will remove scores from "Jazz Standards Lead Sheets" that are not jazz standard lead sheets.

If you don't know what a lead sheet it, see the definition at the end of this introduction.

Likeswise, if you don't know what a jazz standard is, see the definition at the end of this introduction.

Here is our list of available jazz standards.

Again, please post only jazz standards here. For other types of lead sheets and jazz charts, there are the following groups:

Jazz Lead Sheets (Originals) - Lead sheets for your original jazz compositions.

Leadsheets - Leadsheets of all musical genres.

Jazz Group - A group for jazz composers and/or arrangers who want to share original compositions and arrangements.

The Jazz Group for Jazzy People who write Jazz music! - Similar to the preceding, this is a group for jazz composers and/or arrangers who want to share original compositions and arrangements.

Jazz Solo Transcriptions - A project for documenting jazz solos via transcription.

All the lead sheets posted are to be (and will be) checked by admins and community.

Once you've done a lead sheet, please post a comment here:

*What is a lead sheet?*

Most musicians would define a lead sheet as follows: a simple music score showing only the originally composed melody line of a song / composition and chord symbols, and in the case of vocal music, the words to the song. If you've ever used a fake book like 'The Real Book' or 'The New Real Book', you've seen a lead sheet.

Some lead sheets may include introductory instrumental sections or vocal verses. Occasionally, a lead sheet includes a suggested bass lines or chord voicing, when they are an integral part of the song or composition.

Lead sheets are primarily intended to help musicians play a song in live performance, or to learn the melody and chords of a song during a practice section.

The following are usually NOT considered lead sheets:
* A full arrangement with multiple instrumental parts
* A piano (or guitar, etc.) score with chord voicings throughout the score
* A transcription of a recorded performance including instrumental solos

*What is a jazz standard?*

Generally speaking, jazz standards are either popular songs written between about 1910 and 1960, OR instrumental tunes by jazz composers like Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, and Wayne Shorter that have been widely performed and recorded by jazz musicians and singers of mid-20th century popular music.

As with any category, sometimes the boundary lines are a little hard to draw (for example, certain 19th-century ragtime pieces, Brazilian bossa novas, folks songs, and even adaptations of classical music have become "jazz standards"). The important distinguishing factor for a jazz standard is that it is a piece of music that many professional and amateur jazz musicians have played live or recorded.

If you have a particular interest in "newer" jazz compositions (those from about 1970 to the present), or pop music from the rock / soul / hip-hop era arranged for jazz performance, please let us know, and then make some lead sheets. We'll try to find a good home for your work on The point of this group is to make it easy to find lead sheets of the core jazz and "Great American Songbook" repertoire, not to discourage anyone from creating lead sheets that could be played by jazz musicians.

Saxophone Ensembles

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The group is for sax ensemble sheet music, though your score can contain other instruments as well (not only saxes), but only if these instruments are just complementary, i.e. the arrangement could be played without those instruments.

Sax solo transcriptions

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For transcribed saxophone solos synchronized with youtube video/audio. So, you can see what is played and hear how it is played, and even slow down the playback speed to learn to play it!

Post your transcriptions and use the ones that are already done.

See the top post in "discussions" section of the group for more information.

By the way, the main "Saxophone" group is here, check it out as well:

Sax arrangements

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You can post here arrangements or your own compositions of rock/pop/any other style or movies/games themes for any ensemble
which includes saxophone(s) as lead instrument .

This is the one and only criterion for scores of the group.

Enjoy posting, commenting and playing it!

Orchestral Saxophone

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The original purpose of the saxophone was to enrich to the orchestra. Here we can talk about how to use saxophones in an orchestra.