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Sax arrangements

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You can post here arrangements or your own compositions of rock/pop/any other style or movies/games themes for any ensemble
which includes saxophone(s) as lead instrument .

This is the one and only criterion for scores of the group.

Enjoy posting, commenting and playing it!


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Welcome, first time with BTS?

Please feel free to contribute BTS songs! Any mashups, remakes or original songs from BTS are totally fine - it just has to be BTS related.

Let's be friendly to each other!

Original Music of any Kind

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Title says it all :D
Feel Free to add a discussion! just keep it clean ;)

*AND CHECK THE WEBSITE AREA for FREE custom made soundfonts!*

Popular Music

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Hey! I like listening to arrangements of popular songs, but it's now always easy to find then. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem. So, whether you're looking for a certain song, the latest song on the charts, Musescore style, or want to share your arrangement, come on in!

Traditional folk music

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This group is a place where music scores of traditional folk music from all cultures can be gathered in one place.

What should I name this group...

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1: Worship Me*
2: Post a couple times a week**
3: Brush your teeth twice a day
4: Wear your seatbelt
5: Don't swear to much (if you feel the need to swear)
6: No insulting people
7: Have fun

*Okay you don't have to do that...yet
**I'm saying this so that we can keep this group active

If you don't follow these rules, especially 5 and 6, I will consider kicking you, or banning you. And I don't wanna do that

And, feel free to spam


Competitions, Collaboration, and Creations!

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Welcome to the Musescore Competitions, Collaborations, and Creations group, naturally controlled by RSA, as all things should be.

This group is what is says on the tin, really: Compete, collaborate, and create, but here's a few more detail

COMPETE: I will run competitions occasionally, but not very often, as I can be very busy at times.
If you are involved in a competition in any way, and would like to get more people to join, please feel free to advertise your competition groups here.

COLLABORATE: This can be as simple as asking for advice on your compositions, or as much as looking for someone to work on a piece together with, or even asking for someone to score a YouTube video or short movie. Whatever you like, really.

CREATE: Share you compositions, arrangements, and scores. If you wrote it, post it. If you arranged it, post it. If you produced it, post it! We are open here!

- No vulgar language.
- Be nice. No mean criticism, only constructive and helpful advice.
- No racism, sexism, homophobia etc.
- No spamming. I don't want to wake up with 900000 messages every day.

So, enjoy yourselves! Create, compete, and collaborate. Wrong way around.

Compete, collaborate, create.

- Joe

partituras español

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partituras para tocar musica española


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A group for everything that deals with the connection of music and - sung or spoken - lyrics: Songs, poetry set to music, but also theatre music and musicals.
Of course, it is primarily about the music, but the theme also includes the content and structure of the sung words.

Choral Composition Club

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Welcome to the Choral Composer's Club, where we create music of all sorts for choral settings (SATB, SSA, TTBB, etc.!) This includes but is not limited to original choral compositions, choral compositions with orchestra or other instruments, arrangements of instrumental pieces for choir, or folk songs arranged for choir.

Hopefully we can grow together as a community and flourish in our choral endeavors!

Community-Based Composition Competition

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Welcome to Community-Based Composition Competition, where each month, a simple theme or other composing limitation is given, and everyone is invited to write/arrange a piece according to the month’s theme/limitation.

General Rules:
- Do not spam discussions, comments, or scores. (See below for adding scores to the group)
- Keep at least some discussions and comments on topic. (Keep all scores related to the competition)
- Be respectful of everyone. (This includes using kid-friendly language)

How the Competition Works:
- At the beginning of each month, the winner of the last month’s competition (if any) will decide on a theme/limitation and share it with an admin. The admin will then post it as the official theme/limitation for the month.
- Then, until voting begins in approximately the last seven days of the month, anyone can add their scores for the month. One score is recommended per month, but you can add more. To add a score, please put a note in the title of the upload saying that it’s for the competition. If you don’t, it will likely be deleted.
- For approximately the last seven days of the month, an admin will post a form for voting. Feel free to vote, even if you did not upload a score for the month. Once the next month starts, an admin will announce the winner. Voting may be delayed if there are not enough participants.

Vocal Music

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A place for everyone to add and discuss their vocal compositions, original or arrangements.


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Do you like Radiohead? Maybe just one of their songs? Then join this group! This group is for sharing music from Radiohead, and to talk about Radiohead!
Just please obey the following rules.

No swearing
No inappropriate talk
Be nice!
Have fun!

I’ll see you in the discussions!

Classic Rock N Pop

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This is a group for sharing all the great forgotten music of the 20th century.

Public Domain Popular Song Sheet Music (1900-1950)

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This is a group for piano sheet music transcriptions of popular songs now in the public domain.

To Add a Score to This Group

Please leave a hyperlink to your score in a comment in the discussion thread "Popular song standards currently in the public domain"

Background Information on Popular Songs of the 'Great American Songbook' era

The group of songs known as the 'Great American Songbook' were popular songs written mainly from about 1910 to 1960, with the period of 1924 to 1950 being particularly fruitful for the creation of pop and jazz standards. Sheet music was still a huge industry during the first half of the 20th century, and these songs reached music fans via both sheet music and recordings.

This MuseScore group is intended to serve as a home for public domain piano sheet music documenting Great American Songbook standards as well as novelty songs and other songs from the era (and the 2-3 decades just prior to that era) that have been less frequently revived.

Copyright Background Information

As of 2019, perhaps only a 40-50 of the songs played consistently by jazz and traditional pop artists are in the public domain in the United States, but from 2020 forward, each year will see a treasure trove of pop and jazz standards pass out of copyright.

If you have transcribed or would like to transcribe public domain sheet
music of popular song standards, this is the group for you. For most works created prior to 1978, copyright expires after 95 years. This means that in 2019, works first published during or before 1923 are in the public domain.

The 'Great American Songbook' really started to kick into high gear around 1924, the year George and Ira Gershwin hit their strides with "Lady Be Good" (the Broadway show, from which comes the standard). Of course, Irving Berlin, who is often considered the first of the great 'Songbook' writers, published many songs (and a few big hits that have become enduring standards) from 1907 to 1919, a period when Jerome Kern was also writing and creating a handful of standards himself.

After 1924 came the torrent of song classics from the Gershwin Brothers, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Harold Arlen, Harry Warren, Jimmy McHugh, Duke Ellington, Burton Lane, Jimmy Van Heusen, and dozens of other composers and lyricists, some of whom had long careers, and others of whom we know only for one or two songs.

While Vaudeville and the more upscale Broadway theater market created the initial demand for these songs, the advent of sound films in the late 1920s meant many more high-quality songs were needed every year. Simultaneously, the rise of the touring swing bands looking for radio hits created even more demand for songs, and thus the period of 1924 to 1950 became a golden age for composers with a knack for memorable melodies. Therefore, the years 2020 to 2050 will see the public domain get much much richer on the popular song front.

UPDATE: MuseScore user James Brigham writes in the notes to some of his scores that in Canada and the European Union, some newer songs are already in the respective public domains of those entities.

Sources of Free Public Domain Digitized Sheet Music

Many academic libraries have shared free scans of public domain popular song sheet music, and these collections will grow much richer over the next 20-30 years as songs from this golden era become available. The following links are just a few of the collections available online:

Johns Hopkins Libaries' Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection:

Maine Digital Commons Vocal Popular Sheet Music Collection:

Sheet Music Consortium project via UCLA:

Stanford University list of digital sheet music resources and links:

Note that newer sheet music arrangements of public domain songs may still be under copyright. The purpose of this group is to transcribe the original commercial piano sheet music publications that are now in the public domain.

Eagle Scouts of America

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The one and only Eagle Scout group on MuseScore! Welcome to Eagle Scouts of America! This is where Eagle Scouts can come together to share music, talk, or share ideas. This group will generally be referred to as 'ESA'.


Rules: Just follow the Scout Oath and Law. NO cussing of any kind, innapropriate or offensive language, or spamming alowed. This is an official group. If you're accepted then congradulations on earning your Eagle! Not too many have achieve such a rank in scouting! Most importantly have fun, and know we'll all have your back as a brotherhood. Thanks!

Yours in Scouting,


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Welcome to the first John Denver group on MuseScore! I am a HUGE fan, and decided to create a group dedicated to him.

Rules: No cussing (no exceptions), and no inappropriate language of any kind.