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High School Composers Competition!

59 discussions • 164 scores • 194 members

Upload your best compositions to this group and as soon as we get enough scores, we'll judge them and declare a winner! :)

There are some rules that you must follow:

1. -- Keep ALL your scores and comments clean of all foul language, lewdness, or any kind of stuff that might be considered offensive. We want to keep this competition enjoyable for everyone involved.

2. -- Scores will be judged at the deadline set in the discussions.

3. -- Any composition style or instrumentation is accepted.

4. -- Only one score can be submitted per person, per competition! any additional scores will disqualify all! (so only one at a time!)

5. -- It is required that anyone posting scores to this group put HSCC #_ after the name of their submission. If you don't, the score will not be judged.

6. -- Please keep your score under 10 minutes. Any scores over 10 minutes will be penalized (there's a 30 seconds margain of error).

7. -- Last but most certainly not least, all scores should be original compositions. However, If an arrangement is submitted, the score will be judged, but it will not receive any musicality (the themes' quality category) points.

The scores will be judged by three full-time judges:
-- Robin M. Butler
-- Dun Ought
-- Alla Polacca
and one guest judge -- currently Dillweed12345.

Works are judged in three main categories:
1. -- the quality of work itself - total of 250 points:
50 points - quality of themes
50 points - themes' development
50 points - form of the work
50 points - originality
50 points - coloristics and instrumentation
2. -- the quality of score - total of 28 points:
10 points - legibility of score
8 points - rules of scores' editing
10 points - correct use of musical terms
3. -- engagement in listening to the work - 10 points.
Grand total is 288 points. After works get those points awarded, they are converted to percents, then the percent is removed and we have nice --/100 points.

There are also some penalties that may be charged:
1. -- if the work is longer than 10 minutes - 5 points
2. -- if some parts are unplayable - up to 250 (!) points
3. -- if the work doesn't follow the editions' requirements - 10 points.

For further reading, see the constitution:
or the interpretation:

The winner receives bragging rights only. (Though once/if we get going, there may be some prizes eventually.) ;P

Master | Amateur Arrangements and Compositions

14 discussions • 1.3K scores • 192 members

Uploading the best and the get-better is our goal.

If you'd like arrangements done, post a group discussion. Stay active & stay on fire!

The more active you are in the group, the more likely you'll be promoted to administrator. (This means active replies, group discussions and inviting others to the group)

Christian Worship Group

12 discussions • 914 scores • 186 members

This group's purpose is to share both compositions and arrangements to everyone who wants to give glory to God in their music. Worship music that you have created is most encouraged so that it may be used by others and bring people in to the presence of our Lord. Please start conversations about questions you have that others may have answers for. Remember, Jesus Christ gave his life up for us, now It is our turn to give our lives to him. -Galatians 2:20-

東方麗樂聚~Touhou Arrangers

2 discussions • 123 scores • 185 members


We are fully dedicated to the composition beauty that is ZUN and his fantastic works, as well as taking those works and either putting them into our own interpretations or arranging them into works that can fully enjoyed by other people. All rights of music belong to Team Shanghai Alice, and are in no way, shape or form, a possession of any members in this group.

Remember to do your best in every work you compose, and please keep things civil and criticism constructive. There will be a zero tolerance threshold on abusive behavior towards fellow members.

Modernist Composers

18 discussions • 1.3K scores • 180 members

Feel free to post music here!

Hello everyone! This is the page for composers who compose in a style that branches out of the Common Practice Era. The Modern Era is defined by harmonies that don't follow conventional rules, odd time signatures and phrase structures, disguised tonality or atonality, and otherwise breaking the conventions of music that some would say bound composers like Mozart and Beethoven. This group also includes Postmodernism, most notable for its more pessimistic and less confident (post-World Wars) worldview than that of the Modern Era. This group is for people who write music that stretches and breaks rules.

Marching band Kicks butt

7 discussions • 86 scores • 179 members

I want to write music for my high school marching band and write pep tunes as well.

Composers :)

25 discussions • 1K scores • 169 members

All About Composers

Composers of the World!

14 discussions • 967 scores • 168 members

Composers of the World!
Band together to make the best music the world has ever seen. We'll not be people that will be mean to other people who have bad music. Anyone can join to save music.
1. Lets convince everyone to join our group to be the largest and only group on musecore.
2. Try to make this website be the website with the most compositions! We could win the guiness world record!


14 discussions • 888 scores • 168 members

This group is for people who write emotional songs. Heroism, love, joy, and sorrow are my favorite topics, but any emotional composers will be accepted. This is a group for all ages. If you know anybody who writes emotionally, please recruit them.

All Music!

3 discussions • 1.8K scores • 160 members

Let's try to get to 50 scores! :)

Promoting Songs!

40 discussions • 360 scores • 156 members

This is an amazing group! And we have a great opportunity here! This is a group for others to have their scores be advertised to earn more views/likes. You may ALSO send in your own scores! Just make sure you contribute by promoting other's songs also. I have connected Jaybird1's and my challenge group to this one to promote winners of that group as well. Make sure to check it out!

Jay's and John's Challenges:

NO profanity of any kind
NO bullying
NO offensive comments
NO spamming

have a great time!

Learning to Compose

9 discussions • 546 scores • 155 members

Welcome, this group is for people who would like to learn the art of composing, or would like to help other people learn by commenting and so on.

Composing is something that you will never stop learning, you may become amazing at it but you will always learn new things, this group is to help you learn as much as possible and also get your music judged.

(You can also make discussion asking someone if they would like to be your personal teacher! but make sure you like their music)



1. Respect people
2. Compose :)

Novice Group

11 discussions • 662 scores • 146 members

Just a place for the newbies /amateur/novice composers to post their scores. Also for getting advice from other newcomers.

Middle School Composers

27 discussions • 287 scores • 137 members

Are you in middle school?
Do you write or arrange songs?
If yes, then join this group!
Introduce yourself and share your songs!
And when you've uploaded some stuff, join or make a discussion about any random topic :)

Young People Can Change The World!

14 discussions • 690 scores • 135 members

We, as young people, will work hard to make the world know that young composers can change the world!

Competitions for composers!

20 discussions • 258 scores • 131 members

The winner of every competition will choose the sides to pick in the next competition.
Send pieces to:
1- Your piece MUST be a composition, not an arrangement nor a transcription.
2- You can't vote yourself.
3- Be honest.
4- If you've got an entry, YOU HAVE TO VOTE, but not for yourself, as said before.
5- You can only have two entries for every competition.

What should I name this group...

35 discussions • 35 scores • 123 members


1: Worship Me*
2: Post a couple times a week**
3: Brush your teeth twice a day
4: Wear your seatbelt
5: Don't swear to much (if you feel the need to swear)
6: No insulting people
7: Have fun

*Okay you don't have to do that...yet
**I'm saying this so that we can keep this group active

If you don't follow these rules, especially 5 and 6, I will consider kicking you, or banning you. And I don't wanna do that

And, feel free to spam