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Guys, I screwed up badly and i need help

So, on Graemx's score "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived", I left a comment saying how I really liked it and offered advice on ways to make it sound better. I don't think I was mean, but I think I might have come off as mean or something, (I did say I liked it and was not attacking him or anything, just offering some advice) Then I come back and, without a reply or anything, my comment has been deleted. I post another one just asking why my comment was deleted, I don't remember exactly what I said, but I really, really tried hard to not come off of complaining or immature.
Without a reply, he deletes that comment and blocks me. Then he writes a paragraph on his score about people's comments and stuff, you can go see it yourself.

I know I screwed up somehow, I didn't try to come off as mean, but I did, and I take full responsibility for what I did.
But, now I can't even tell him that I'm sorry and I feel really badly about it.

I just don't know what to do.

Looking for big band charts

Hi!  Some of you may recognize me, I've been involved with jazz and MuseScore education online forever, but for whatever reason, it only just occurred to me to turn here for music to play :-).

I direct a big band of adult amateur musicians.  We have a library full of the typical charts by Nestico, Mantooth, etc.  I figure some people here have probably created some really great music for conventional (5+4+4+4) big band instrumentation and spent time getting the part to look and all so they are all ready to print and perform, but don't have access to a big band.  If that's you, hit me up!  If your music is for that format and the parts are in good readable shape, we'd love to try them out!  Respond here with links - whether your own music or others' you think we should check out.  My band isn't the Basie band and won't sound like that :-), but I'm happy to make a recording of us doing our best!

This isn't a competition, although who knows, maybe some day we'll organize one.

Prayer requests?

Does anybody have any prayer requests that you would like for the folks here to pray about? You can feel free to say what it is or you can just say I need prayer. I firmly believe that prayer is the most powerful thing. So, if we have problems big or small, we can always go to Him and ask for his help or whatever it is we need. And he will supply what HE knows we need.

Getting chord symbol playback, manually

Lead sheets are of course disappointing to listen to in MuseScore because there is no built-in facility for generating accompaniment based on the chord symbols.  Programs like Impro-Visor, iReal Pro, and others excel at this, and maybe some day MuseScore will have this ability.  Meanwhile, I have created a resource you might find useful.  It's a "cheat sheet" score with typical jazz piano voicings (as well as more generic voicings for folk/pop etc) for a wider variety of chords.  Just add a piano part to your lead sheet (using Edit / Instruments), copy and paste from the "cheat sheet" to the piano, then mark the piano invisible (also in Edit / Instruments).

Here is the "cheat sheet":