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Idea: The RSA News

I had an idea to keep people who can't check musescore too often up to speed on important events in RSA, since there are a lot of discussions, so some people might not have time to read them all. Somebody (probably me) could post a weekly discussion about key events of the week. For example, some key events this week include the idea of starting a musescore podcast and also that there was another large-scale troll on musescore. Thoughts?

Ummmm guys??!?!

So, um, I have kind of a problem of eating food I'm not supposed to. So I found these chocolate covered marshmallows and ate 2, 1/2 at one time and the rest no more than a couple hours later. I got home from school at like 3 pm, can't remember if i had one then or after therapy......And it is now 9:55 pm. At therapy my therapist said I seemed "usually relaxed." So I get home and my mom says "who ate the chocolate? I need to know"
Turns out that those chocolates had weed in them. ~~my parents use it for medical purposes~
And 1 dose was 1/2 marshmallow.
And I had eaten 2 marshmallows.
In the time span between 3:15 and 7-8pm I had taken 4 doses of weed.

to clarify
A 16 year old girl who has never had weed before and thus has not developed a tolerance to it, has consumed 4 doses of weed in around 4 hours.

Some questions:

1. So will I get arrested?
 I know it's illegal, but it was a total accident, so....

2. Am I high? 
    My mouth and throat are dry, and my throat feels kind of fuzzy. I've got this kind of a buzz in my nerves (I don't know what else to call it). My pulse is a little elevated. I feel like I can look at anything and zone out. It's really that buzzy feeling, it's really intense, and sometimes I feel pleasantly cold, but in a really weird way. I know that this sounds normal, but it's taking me a long time to type and I keep making mistakes.

3. Do I need to go to the doctor?
4. If I'm high, how long will it last?


Trying A Daily Challenge...

I'm gonna (try) post a daily challenge and post the answer after about a day.
1. No calculators (for this one)
2. No internet.
Ok, here we go...

1. Puzzle scholar David Singmaster noticed the following pattern while invigilating an exam. He didn't get the T key jammed on his laptop.


What's the next letter?

(Sourced from book 'Can You Solve My Problems?')


This is a super fun game I just remembered cause I read a comment about Mollymawk and remembers that in her Tag Readers United group, we used to play this game!
Basically, I start by saying a word (like donut) and you think of a word that relates to that in some way (dessert). If you need an example you can find one right here ( I wasn't active in that group until later but I enjoyed reading the stuff they would write on there lol
didn't think i'd have to add this since it's a given but you have to wait for someone to respond until you can post another word


I had an old account but got kinda locked out of it due to email issues and forgetting a password and all that... And theyre ahead of me on the top users page... so could we combine the two activities of my old account Beyonka and this current one? Just wondrin lol

New secret project I’m working on

I guess it’s not that secret anymore then, but I wanted to say that.

Different sections of the piece will be based on data I collected from different users. If you know what it is good for you don’t spoil it plz. The users contained will be as follows (this list is unbiased as I chose everyone I collected data from) : Rebecca Y, miscalaneous02, Astronix2, SupremeLemonBread, The Musical Rattlesnake, Mr Peabody, Lizzapie, Okely Dokely, Pianodudette, and Shellcrush.

edit now Jaybird1 too
Ok thanks for reading

Trumpet Player

in Trumpet

Hey everyone!

So, I am a trumpet player (this is my 3rd year playing) who will be starting to play in the high school marching band next year! I would love to meet a few trumpet players who are around the same age and skill level as me. If thats you, lets talk!

Hello everyone!

Hi guys! How are all of you? My name is Nate, and I've just recently joined this group! A little bit about myself: I'm currently a high-school sophomore clarinetist, who has recently gotten into all of the Undertale soundtracks. I knew the game itself had been out for a few years now but I never got around to playing it until recently. As a music lover, I found that the soundtracks really sold the emotional elements of the game and even got my eyes a bit "watery" from time to time, along with the overall plot. So yeah, big fan. I'd say I'm rather decent at clarinet as well!

Anyways, to start this off, I just recently shared a medley of sorts from some of my favorite soundtracks in the game:

Enjoy! Have a nice day!