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I was looking for groups to join and when I saw the rules for this group. I fell in love with it.  :)
I'd like to introduce myself;
My name is Catherine. I've been playing the piano for eight year now. I'm a roman Catholic. I love my God and want to worship him in any way I can. :)
I'm very excited to meet you all. :)

Lets write a story..

I don't know how well this is gonna work, but we should give it a try ight? Anywhoodle, so the game works by a group of people sitting in a circle, and writing a story, one word at a time.
To better explain, I say one word, another person says another word, [not just nouns, we're talking grammatically correct word placement] and it turns into a sentence. This sentence proceeds to have a spontaneous plot and is usually quite entertaining.

Lets see how this works.

Hello and welcome!

Hello and Welcome! I would like to see how long you people have been playing the horn. There are not many horn players in my city, so I would like to find others who play the horn(Not in person, online! :) ).

So I will start.
I'm a beginner. I started playing a month ago. I play the violin, viola, mandolin, clarinet, and horn.

Who here hates the sound of metal scraping on metal?

Honestly though, I can't STAND the sound of scraping (particularly of metal on metal). It literally sends chills up my spine and just...*shudder*
Like when I'm scooping soup or whatever out of a metal pot and the ladle's metal I literally can't scrape the bottom of the pot or else.....or when I'm buying food at my school's cafeteria and I drop change on the metal counter (I then have to try to pick up my stupid coin off the counter while resisting that hell of a scraping sound)
And once I had a nightmare that I had to scratch a metal pole with my nails. It was torture...
So ya...I HATE the sound of the you get that feeling in your teeth or chills up your spine or something.
And none of my friends understand the thing with me and scraping...but honestly if you could repeatedly scrape stuff off of metal WITH SOMETHING THAT'S METAL then I'm impressed.
Dang that was long......but what are your thoughts?

Don't you worry 'bout a thing arrangement.

Hey guys,

So I have a problem with the arrangement I am making for a Sax Trio. The song is called Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing by Stevie Wonder, but for this trio I wanted to transpose the Tori Kelly version from the movie Sing. 

Unfortunately, I don't know all of the notes since there are no other sheets of this version on the internet. I'd hope that some of you could help me with finishing this piece of music.

Thanks to those who would like to help!!

You can find my score in my profile ;)