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Word at a Time

So this is basically the same game we played in RSA.

For those who don’t know, we make a story, but players can only post 1 word /punctuation mark at a time. You can’t post 2 or more consecutive words. Be warned- the story is probably going to get very, very weird...

CHANGE OF RULES: Screw the punctuation rule. Everyone ignored are now allowed to post punctuation marks.

Count until a Pro user comments

Inspired the game over at MyAnimeList (, let's count upwards and see how far we can go until a count breaker (listed below) comments and makes us start over.
(The title is kept for historical significance. Count breakers were Pro users with 200+ followers in Season 1)

- A player may only post once every 24 hours** or after another player has posted, whichever comes first
- A post by a count breaker (listed below) restarts the count (that post is 0)
- The count must go up in order (no missing numbers)
- A counter who holds the last post of a run of at least 10 becomes a place holder
- A counter can only hold one place at a time. If they win a run that is higher than their record on the board, their record is updated; otherwise, the run is ignored and not placed.***
- Top 3 place holders become count breakers next season
- The season restarts every 12 pages
- A run is allowed to spill into the next season, up to a maximum of one page. The new count breakers start as soon as the count is broken or when the count reaches the second page, whichever comes first.*

* Introduced in Season 3
** Introduced in Season 6
*** Introduced in Season 7

As a courtesy, if your post is wrong because someone posted before you, edit your post instead of deleting it.

Current Season: Season 8
Next Season: Page 97

Count breakers for Season 8:
- @Agate817 
- @lizzapie 
- @Nenchoh Fungus the Aaple user 

Example (* means a count breaker):
1. A: 1
2. B: 2
3. C: 3
4. D*: 0
5. C: 1
6. E*: 0 :P
7: A: 1
... and so on.

Records for Season 8 (records start at 10):
1. Astronix2, 41:
2. Kenobiingondolin2019, 19:
3. mnmwert, 17:
4. pianodudette, 15:
5. tPenguinLTG, 15:

All-time record: 630, mike320 (Season 4):

Records for Season 1:
Records for Season 2:
Records for Season 3:
Records for Season 4:
Records for Season 5:
Records for Season 6:
Records for Season 7:

I'll start: 1


what are your thoughts on furries? i personally think that the whole animal hentai shit is fine i geuss. but i think people who dress up in wolf costumes and think they're a fucking dog or something (i think it's called being a dogkin) is really weird.