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I noticed that you have a Christian teen musicians group that is now an abandoned group. The same has happened to me. But, what I did is I changed my group into something else. Now it’s a music challenge group. When you think of a new group you’d like to start, edit your old one! That’s what I did. :)

Only if you want to ;D

Actually Taken Music Theory?

in Brass

Hey, just curious, out of the people here who work on transcribing pieces from songs and such, how many of you have actually taken a music theory class/lessons/self-taught.

(If you've gone to college for Music, then please don't respond. I'm curious because I'm noticing a lot more pieces and transcriptions on here that have chords and such that don't make much sense.)

HELP! Alto Saxophone Articulation

Hello everyone,

I am a alto saxophone player who has around 2 1/2 years of experience and has been in private lessons and band the whole time

I never learned/misunderstood articulation and have been just blowing air. I believed that I sounded pretty good that way and could play advanced pieces.

Recently I learned this was wrong and I honestly sound terrible if I try to articulate. Should I play in band without articulation and practice articulation at home until I can articulate in band without sounded bad? Not sure what to do and if you all have videos for me to watch to help with my articulation (not that I think they will help; my private lesson teacher is very helpful and I still couldn't get tonguing down at all in 30 minutes; this could be because I have been playing a different way for 2 1/2 years) 

I do wear Invisalign (not sure if that makes it harder to articulate) 

Looking for Help/Tips/Advice!

Hey! So I've been working on transcribing the song "Evila: Attack of the Perfect Reporter" for something like 2 years now, on and off. There isn't any sheet music available online and midis of the song are absolutely garbage so I have to transcribe it all by ear and this is really horribly difficult!

I'll make the score public so that you guys can listen to what I have so far. The arrangement isn't quite right, but I'm mostly trying to get the idea out first, and then I can fix it. It's the one that is titled with "copy" at the end.

Does anyone have any advice on how to transcribe this easier/faster? I've been following the advice that you figure out the bass-line first and then you flesh out the chords, but so far as I can tell, that's just as slow for something like this as doing anything else. 
Also, I'm completely self-taught! I can play one of every section of instrument so it gives me an idea of the limits of the sections and the tones, but I'm self taught in composition and transcription!

(I had this originally posted in a video game group, so pardon the weird language)