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Help with Sax sound

Hi everyone! 

New to the alto sax and i have a quick question, when i go to play i have about one or two seconds of just air and then the sound comes out fine - is this caused by my breathing, embouchure or reed? I have no idea? I just want a clean sound to come out the moment I begin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

STRING PLAYERS! I Need support!

Ok ok... thid post has been running around various groups in musescore... Sorry if this will be the millionth time you had seen this exact post.... anyway.

Im not sure if this is an appropriate group for this but hereis my post:

VIOLINISTS! Please read! Looking for community orchestra.

MY TITLE LIED. I also need Cellists and Violists. But that's all!
Hi there? I'm Just chillin' around. Oh? I have business? Anyway, lets get to the topic.
I'm looking for string(orchestra) players to record on their instrument some notes (Included all open strings G-D-A-E[Violin], C-G-D-A[Viola, Cello]) and preferably a sound sample for every three half steps with a 10 second length (It's alright to record your bow change, but make it less obvious). I'm looking to build a community strings chamber session orchestra sample library for the use of everyone.
(It will +++NOT+++ COME AS A KONTAKT PLAYER SAMPLE(.nki files), Only as SFz and Sf2 file formats. I just need your support and lets record a community strings session chamber orchestra. (And if you are a professional musician, well you know what else to add to those samples. (Highest note on violin could be *C8, C7 for viola and C6 for cello)
And if you're lucky enough to have a good microphone and a good sounding violin, Your sample set may be the samples used in the solo violin instrument wink *With credit. (Also, please don't cheat and use other people's samples[that may be even unlucky enough to be copyrighted]
All of these will be possible with some help here! You and every single one of you who are willing to participate WILL BE credited.
If you have a condenser microphone or a clear mic, then you had saved me a few hours of editing time.
But out of everyone who will want to participate in this project, only 40 sound sets(or 40 sets of people's sample recordings) will pass through, UNLESS I might receive more than 40(For I have posted this too in other websites like Musescore and my own social media), 35-40 samples has been exeeded and(if ever) it reaches to 60 sets(Which I doubt, I HIGHLY DOUBT it will), then there will be
violins-section1.sfz and
violins-section2.sfz etc. etc.(same as for the cello, if it reaches more than 8(not eighty) sets, and viola(if it exceeds 20.)
That means, a second string section in one library! If that happens, It will be the first library to have that,-(Unless someone already made a library with two sections, which I have not known of yet.)
So all I really need of you(No other hard work for you needed, You don't need to process the audio files, I will be the one doing all of that).
You could email me here: if you're a slight bit interested or you want some more info about this(Yeah yeah, yeeesh. I know this was a long read ^ but I only scratched a sand surface on that info)
Peace! See ya.

Indian Music/ Other types of Asian music

Need help with either making an Indian song or finding a different asian genre. These concepts would be for the second movement to my concert band suite titled "The World" in which there are seven songs, each with the name of a continent. I have made Africa, ( but I am stuck on writing a third genre of music for Asia. I have done a pentatonic scale theme and an Arabian part. Plz help