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So in orchestra I'll be holding my instrument at a somewhat low angle and the teacher will tell me in front of the entire class to adjust myself. Then she tells the whole class that it will make us lose points in our Performance Evaluation. So now I'm getting dirty looks from everyone else in orchestra. The problem I'm having is just that, to keep holding the instrument at a 90 degree angle puts a lot of strain on my arm, so I'll try to hold my elbow to my body in order to make holding it possible. Obviously this makes the viola at a different angle which the teacher kindly points out to the whole class. Please tell me how to fix my posture so I won't be ridiculed every time I go to orchestra.

Hi! I am a 8th grade viola player!

Hi! I am a 8th grade viola player! I am looking for a piece that I can practice and play at the end of the year in front of my teacher so that I can move up in my orchestra class. Please help me find a piece that's not too hard but can show that I am capable of playing at a 10th grade level. I would prefer that it be something modern or from a movie, but if you think it is a good piece please comment the name. I need all the help I can get. Please nothing too hard or too easy. Thanks!


Viola Life Issues

So I play the viola. Obviously. I want to impress my teacher, with playing Bach's first cello suite. However, I understand there are different bowings? I have only played for 4 years, and haven't really developed the skill of "creating the music that you read". She gave me a couple lessons on the prelude, for me to find out I had been practicing with my bowings all wrong. So she told me to slur every four notes, no matter what. Then, I was looking on Musescore and found the entire first suite, but with different bowings on the prelude. So, could someone tell me the right bowings/arrangement I should use, or give me your preference?

Bumping strings + Dynamics

Hello my people.
I have been attempting to play Asturias by Isaac Albeniz on my viola (which is a very fun piece to learn). It is very fast paced with many sixteenth notes. The first few measures were quite easy, but when the fortissimo came, I was having trouble. In the first few measures I can let the bow relax, and I can play quickly and correctly, but when the piece gets louder I feel that my hands get clumsier because I have to put a lot of pressure on the bow and move very briskly. Please help.


hello i'm a violist a little out of practice anyone know where to start to get started? i used to play back in the fifth grade and was a natural at it, but i haven't played since then. i was taken out of the school that provided the classes for me and my father had to bring my viola back to the school. now i have one but don't know where to start in learning the art again, can anyone help?


We (Joseph and Hannah) have decided that every time we double in the number of followers (so right now we're at 5, so it'll be 10, 20, 40, 80, maybe throw in something for 100, 160, etc.) we will alternate posting an original composition to thank you! (It may or may not be very good. We're certainly not experts ;)