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Here is my FIRST album! (Periodic Hopelessness)

Song 1: This is an imaginative world
Song 2: Our World Is Damaging!
Song 3: Alarmed Rhythm
Song 4: Minuet in e (MUST LISTEN!)
Song 5: Conservation of Night and Darkness (MUST LISTEN!)

The second album will be released, although the released date is unknown. After the second album has been released, the first album maybe deleted (unless further notification). Instead, the songs will be uploaded in youtube, with free downloaded musescore file (the method will be changed).

It must be emphasized that your comment is definitely valuable! Therefore, please leave a comment to let me improve my songs. (The songs that I have uploaded can be changed). Of course, please add them into your favourite if you like them!

50 FOLLOWER SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!

So, first off, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 50 FOLLOWERS. I never thought I would get that many, but thx to ya'll I did. this is the special featured for my 50th follower, GoldKeyOboist, you can check out her/his account bellow,
and my special below. I do recommend reading the inscription if you wonder why I don't have pro now.