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Clefs reading practice

Hello, 6th year trombonist here, I was looking around for any sheet music that has all 12 major scales in Tenor or Treble clef, because I'm starting to get more and more music with these clefs as part of my repertoire, so could anybody help me find something of the sort? Thank you all so much for choosing to play trombone! (Helping me is secondary, the main point is that you all are cool for choosing the best instrument :3)

I need this

My friends (which is our band's trombone section) have been pressuring me to get the sheet music for Ultra Dragon Dream Feet for a while now because they know I usually bring cool sheet music to school. All I ask for it someone to PLEASE make the song for trombone, Preferably a solo so we all can play the same thing. If you need a reference here is the original video:
Thank you if you do decide to make it :D

Hiya! :-P

Hi My name is _KitoCorvo_ I'm new to musescore and I REALLY love your music I hope to see more of these and one question.
Are you a trombone player?
Do you play anything else?
What's you're favorite video game?
Sorry that was more tan three but I'm just really happy to have joined
sorry if I seem like a nuisance

Garage band

I have been using your sheet music quite a lot to put into an iOS application as a piece of sheet music called garage band (check it out sometime.) it isn't able to show other people online what you do though. I think all of the trombone music is great because you use the melody, and not the background tones. Try it and see how it is!

P.S. try adding a live loop, select the new/blank, hit the plus sign, go to other and select brass ensemble. The space above Octave 2 (white) is an F on the trombone