Drifting (Unfinished)

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Another song I heard in my head and started scribbling around December 10th, 2009. It's a little brighter than I prefer to compose and so I haven't shared it with anyone. It's the kind of song that could be paired up with kitty doodles I draw. :} Not sure what to do with it. It has lyrics too, but they're a little cheesy and I'm embarrassed to share them. Eh. We'll see what it evolves into. =^--^=

The Unheard Voice (Unfinished)

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One of many songs I seem to "hear" out of nowhere. Not sure where I'm going to go with it yet, but the first step was getting it out of my notebook of scribbled music and putting it down where I could hear it. Sadly, I don't think the midi quite does my imagination justice, but considering I can't sing tenor and alto at the same time, it's pretty cool to hear it all together for the first time outside of my head. :) Yay, MuseScore!


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This is the very raw copy of my song, "Believe." I am going to use MuseScore to port this over as a midi file into more sophisticated software and go from there, but I'm pretty proud of this as it is. It's my first time actually notating percussion, and it came out a lot better than I'd imagined. I did essentially no sound leveling or anything since I'm going to make it my "real" recording later.

"Believe" was inspired by a character I made, Piper Quinn, who is a mage in a White Wolf RPG that my husband is the game master for. In this world, she's spent years underground hiding from the Technocracy. When the game started, she had nightmares all the time and was pretty paranoid. But, then she met someone special who changed her life. She's actually a musician as well in the game (I created her as the person I wished I could be, and now am becoming... well, except for the "mage" part. * sniffle *), so at one point I thought, "She should compose a song. Duh. She's a singer and that's her dream." At first, I started off just with the poetry, which of course became the lyrics . . . and then I started hearing the song in my head.

There's more to it than that, but I promised all of the real background stuff would go to my patrons on patreon.com. So, I must keep that promise. I hope you enjoy what this is now and will wait to see its inevitable evolution into something even more beautiful. =^--^=

Edit: 8/24/13: My friend pointed out that the violin part wasn't playable in some sections, so I have updated it. Might be more challenging now, but it *should* be playable, in theory. :o

Edit: 10/4/13: Made some modifications to tempo and to the bridge.

Kool Guy's Song

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So, I met this Vietnamese guy on the Sailor Moon Fan Club website (http://sailormoonfc.webs.com/ ) and through talking about Sailor Moon, we both discovered that SM wasn't our only mutual interest; we also both love music. He started composing a melody for a Teacher's Appreciation day that will be taking place on November 20th, and he asked me if I could help arrange a piano part to go with it, explaining that there would be other band parts. This is the result of that work (hopefully I met his specifications, though some of them were a challenge!). You'll notice that the full instrumentation isn't here; this is only the piano part, so some parts may seem very empty. Hopefully, the other parts don't seem too busy! I'm not sure what the actual title of the song will be, but hopefully it fits the bill for appreciating his teacher(s). :) And of course, the melody is all his.