Name Description Members Created Join link
RMCC River Music Composition Club 1 19 hours ago Request membership
Band Kids A group for anyone who's every been in marching band, or likes writing for marching band. 2 1 day ago Join
WEIRD ENSEMBLES! (transposition) If you have a group in need of an ensemble, we can help. 1 2 days ago Join
Gaming & Anime Music :3 For all you musical fangirls and fanboys 2 2 days ago Join
MaximeL Pour Les partitions 2 2 days ago Invite only
Orginal Compositions You can add here all your orginal compositions (not arrangments). 3 2 days ago Join
The Assembly of the Fandoms A group with people of different Fandoms united into one. Along with thier fandom's music. 4 3 days ago Join
Basswood Music A group for talented, productive, and amazing individuals who enjoy arranging and transcribing music 1 3 days ago Join
Unprofessional Composers/Arrangers Group A group only for talented unpro composers and arrangers! 10 4 days ago Join
Marietta Vocal Point Marietta High School A Cappella Group Vocal Point 1 4 days ago Invite only
Благодарен Благодарение - музыкальная комедия - атвор Джулиан Генри Лоуэнфельд 1 4 days ago Join
Christian Composers/Arrangers All music is allowed unless non-christ like. 3 5 days ago Join
CAMWC Caravel Academy Musician and Writers Coalition 2 6 days ago Invite only
Flute Fandoms Fandom Music for flutes, any fandom welcomed! 1 1 week ago Join
Big Boys The Big Boys make Big music. 2 1 week ago Request membership
Songs of any type all songs are alowed ^_^ 2 1 week ago Join
OneRepublic For all OneRepublic fans! 1 1 week ago Join
Sound Dragons Austausch von Partituren 1 1 week ago Invite only
The Night Will Come Again Making scores that could appear in anime and movies. 5 1 week ago Join
Corps of Drums For those who perform or run a Corps of Drums consisting of the three main instruments: Snare Drum, Flute and Bugle. 2 1 week ago Request membership
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