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Antonio Vivaldi

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This group is dedicated to the music of Antonio Vivaldi.


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This group is open to anyone who has written their own Christian Contemporary/Gospel song and wants to share it. Also, if you have made a cover of a Christian song, you can share it here, too. I thought it would be cool to have a group of songwriters who all have at least two things in common: a love for God-honoring music and, most importantly, a love for God. Our mission statement is Psalm 98, which is a chapter in the Bible about giving praise and glory to God through music. I hope you join! Thanks! :)

That One Song With the Flute

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Here is a range of different songs that this group is looking to create music for. Of course any video game or anime's music that incorporates flutes is appreciated! Each of these songs has a varying degree of flute in them, but I think the flute adds a great touch to these.

Sunrise of Flutes from Oblivion
Brightwall Village from Fable 3
At the Station from Dark Cloud 2
Citadark Isle from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness
In the Fields from Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks
Mullen from Grandia


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Do you love Fukase, vFlower, Kagamine Len and Rin, Maika, Miku, and the many other Vocaloids? If you do join this group.

Book Worms Only

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This is a community for bookies and book-worms only. If you find yourself here and know that this is not for you, that's okay. I don't expect everyone to love reading. However, I also know that some bookies like me are shy and find friends in book. I was hoping that this would be a way to make real friends and enjoy books together. Currently my favorite book is Gone With The Wind, and I want those who agree and disagree to have a conversation. This is like a book club type thing, but it's also a way to provide a safe place and a good environment, 'cuz we all know the world can't handle all this yet! :)
Okay, there are a few rules though:
1: Be kind
2: you are loved, so don't be afraid to be you
3: no spamming plz
4: no ads plz
4: have fun!

McAllen Piano Studio

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McAllen Piano Studio was stablished in McAllen Texas since 2003 providing group and individual piano lessons to students of all ages, from the beginner to the intermediate and advance piano student.

We provide our students the opportunity to learn from The Master Teachers like Beyer, Czerny, Bartok, Hanon, Gurlitt among others through transcriptions from the old school in a new visual friendly style. Sheet music exercises and pieces attractive to the eyes of the beginner student developing rhythmical, technical and sight reading skills.

Our method Music & Colors is based in the use of colors to make music reading faster, helping the student to understand musical concepts much easier and fun than the tradition style.

Music & Colors is a copyright piano method since 1989 written by Jose Villegas, Certified Music Instructor by the National Association of Music Teachers.

Dvořák Fan Club

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Join if you like Dvořák.

Orchestral Saxophone

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The original purpose of the saxophone was to enrich to the orchestra. Here we can talk about how to use saxophones in an orchestra. NO JAZZ!

Young Orchestrators

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Whether you orchestrate your own works (this includes creating pieces for orchestra in the first place) out other people's works, you are welcome to join. Only post orchestral works. Please post your chamber works to

Whovians in the TARDIS

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Come all Who request Doctor-y music. Allons-y!


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whoever loves the beatles is welcome

Cuphead Fans Unite!

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Add any cuphead relate score here! We would like to eventually put together a whole ost.

- Founded by @RealRandyNewman

György Kurtág - An homage to the miniature

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The Hungarian composer György Kurtág (1926) is the master of the miniature. This group is devoted to his music as a source of inspiration. So post your own scores if there is a link to Kurtág. I hope this group also will function as a platform to meet other Kurtágians as well. Lets inspire each other in the further development of the musical miniature. The monument is in the moment!


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I play the Baritone Saxophone for my school band (Top Band) and am looking to gather interesting scores to add to my groups collection, join if you wish to create scores for the group, or if you just wish to download music, anyhow, all saxophones are welcome!

Zach Evan Fan group

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This is a group where people who know Zach Evans or have heard him play can come!

Isaac Glover Non-Pro Composition competition

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This is a competition used for the non-pro users who would like to be able to showcase more of their work, and the only way to get this done is to get a pro account. This competition will allow the non-pro users to be able to showcase their skills as well as to get a chance to be rewarded a pro account (which will be paid for by me).

There will be one winner selected from the two categories (large ensemble and small ensemble). The selected winners will receive:
1. A one month pro-membership account paid for
2. Their winning piece will be put through the superior Noteperformer playback and will receive an MP3 recording and they can post it wherever they want
3. Receive criticism for their work (though this is not to be taken seriously)

1. Send an e-mail to stating you are interested in the comp.
2. When sending your e-mail expressing your interest, each user must provide a link to their profile in order to prove that they are not a pro user. Every link will be looked in to. Additionally, each user must state which category they are composing for: a large ensemble or a small ensemble (NOTE: EACH COMPETITOR CAN ONLY COMPETE IN ONE CATEGORY)
3. Any accounts that have only been made more recent than the announcement of the comp will be ignored
4. Any accounts that have no scores posted at all will be ignored.

1. Compositions must be annotated properly, like you would for a real score (e.g. adding slurs, staccatos, tempo markings, rehearsal marks etc.). Additionally, dynamics are a MUST!
2. Your compositions must be titled necessarily and must show your name (or your Musescore username for the sake of anonymity).
3. If you are composing for a large ensemble, your composition should show the image you have composed for as a title page. If you do not know how to achieve this, please state in your submission e-mail the image you have decided to choose.
4. The work must be completely original and must be done individually! No group work will be accepted
5. Proper notation is extremely important. If you are adding timpani rolls or cymbal rolls, please use the appropriate tremolo marks and do not use multiple nonuplet rhythms.
6. Be creative with your work, do not go overboard unless you believe it is necessary with the context of your piece
7. The composition must be brand new, and not something you have already published. Additionally, when you completely your composition, do not post it onto Musescore until winner is announced.


The Legend of ZELDA

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This is a group I decided to make for EXTREME zelda-game lovers. A group where everyone can ask questions, make theorys, and talk about your favorite Zelda game.

~Please, no posting music -thanks


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Movie Music

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Create a piece of music from a movie and post it. It's that simple!

Marching Band And Indoor Percussion

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This group brings together all marching arts. Feel free to share music, ask for advice, and find arrangers for your music!

Older video game music

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Anything to do with undertale, Minecraft, overwatch, etc.

The Collaboration Group!

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Welcome to the collab group! Post your songs here and set up a discussion for someone else to come and work on the song. When you ask for help on a song, upload the unfinished song to this group and add in brackets after the song title 'unfinished'
Anyone who wants to help finish off the song can let the original composer know that they're going to finish it and then download it and get to work!
Once they're done, they are to be re-uploaded to the group with 'finished' in brackets after the title so we can distinguish each version.
Some rules regarding this group:
1. If you don't add 'unfinished' or 'finished' under the title of the song you added, then it won't be regarded as something to work on or check out.
2. When you upload a finished piece, you must state all the composers of the piece in the description AND tag their name in your song.
3. If you have a preference regarding WHO you want to collaborate with, make sure you specify that in your discussion.
4. Just don't spam
4. Just don't spam
4. Just don't spam
4. Just don't spam
4. Just don't spam
4. Just don't spam
4. Just don't spam
Joking. But don't spam!
5. Have fun!

String Instrument Advice

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First off, this group is meant to help string players. No scores will be added to this group because it is strictly for advice. Our bulk is in the discussions section of this group. Together, we shall share our advice of string instruments, In order to create a stronger, more educated community of players. Any problems we come across we will discuss with the members of the group to find a good solution. And finally, it is only for people who play string instruments. By that I mean it includes.
-Double Bass
I hope all of our members enjoy giving our help.

Mozart Concertos

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This group is aimed at making all of Mozart's concertos.

Please comment in the discussion on which concerto you have taken

The Nerd Music Group

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Post your music to this group for a sounding board for ideas and changes. Competitions will be held occasionally. So Enjoy!!!

Double Reed Club

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In this group we discuss double reed instruments (bassoons, oboes, etc.) and double reeds, in addition to writing music for these instruments.