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Millenium 4.11 Progressive rock groupe founded close to Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France, with free entry and brought of the musicians in the group 1 8 hours ago Request membership
sacsadasd asdasdasdasdasdas 1 22 hours ago Join
The Ultimate Tournament (Collab) 64 people. Teams of 2. 3 1 day ago Join
Composers under 20 This is a group for young composers under 20. I, Momez, run it. 1 1 day ago Join
Groups Showdown Arena Here's where the groups showdown will be played with music. 9 2 days ago Join
Barrington Musicians Guild Just a bunch of musicians at Barrington, Illinois. 3 2 days ago Request membership
Art into music Where people post their afterthought ideas into lively, beautiful music 7 2 days ago Join
Guaranteed Feedback Sharing is Caring– But not without giving your thoughts first. 20 5 days ago Join
Online Film Orchestra Together we bring the scores we made to life! We arrange our favorite parts of movie scores for our setting and play them together 1 5 days ago Request membership
Creole Jazz Band Old jazz songs fake book, created by Kevin Yeates and converted by robipad into .mscz 2 5 days ago Join
Musescore 2.0.2 bugs Maybe you thought it was just YOU experiencing this glitch? 2 5 days ago Join
Incoherent Noise Our awesome band of cool kids. 1 5 days ago Invite only
Animators Ya know, if you like animating, like animation, or composing for animations you should join. 3 6 days ago Join
The group for transcriptions that aren't as good as other people's This is a group for people who are beginners that transcribe video game and movie music. 2 6 days ago Join
Can't Explain all this in a title! Songs from Pokemon, geometry dash, legend of zelda, final fantasy, star wars, and back to the future. Also, the key to every group, CONTESTS!!!!! 5 1 week ago Join
Turtlefox Let it be really BRIEF: MUSIC is LIFE for us,and we mean the entire"musical universe".We're from a small town of north-west argentine province:Jujuy 1 1 week ago Join
The Decomposers A group for anybody that likes scary music (or worms). 2 1 week ago Join
Original Compositions For people who need help naming pieces, need advice, or want to enter monthly contests. 3 1 week ago Join
WARRIORS (Erin Hunter) Fanclub Upload all your WARRIORS related music (and properly give credit)!!! 1 1 week ago Join
Skillet Group For all the Skillet fans out there 1 1 week ago Join
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