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Alexandre Desplat A place of Desplat's beautiful sondtracks. 1 50 min ago Join
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Lyric Help This group is for anyone who has a lot of trouble with writing lyrics and anyone REALLY GOOD at writing lyrics who would like to help write them. 1 10 hours ago Join
K's studio music made by Kathy's students 1 11 hours ago Request membership
PLAYWRIGHTS, SONGWRITERS AND COMPOSERS I am currently the playwright and lyricist for a 1950's musical (Stockholm!) and I need a composer to *donate* their time. Collaborations welcome! 4 1 day ago Join
Yoko Shimomura A place of Yoko Shimomura's video games soundtracks. 1 1 day ago Join
Group for Anyone This group is for you. 35 1 day ago Join
Amateur Composers The place for all amatuer composers to gather and share their music and thoughts! 3 2 days ago Join
Love Music beutiful Music! 2 2 days ago Join
Bass Clarinetists Anyone who plays, loves, admires or worships bass clarinets. 2 3 days ago Join
Notes of Encouragement For musicians who desire to encourage or be encouraged through the gift of music. 8 3 days ago Join
Master/Amateur Arrangements and Compositions This is where we upload our considerably greatest achievements, or what we think we did well on. This is an open community, new and fresh. 6 3 days ago Join
Anime Collab is Here this is our anime collab website 5 4 days ago Invite only
Saxophone lovers group for all those who love saxes 1 4 days ago Join
MLP:FIM fanworks! All is welcome! Welcome are all! Long live equestria! 1 4 days ago Join
Lesser known comporsers group Any body can upload works of lesser known composers 1 5 days ago Join
Wither Boss for ENYONE who likes minecraft 4 5 days ago Join
Concert Band For anyone who likes composing or arranging for a concert band. 3 6 days ago Join
Original Concert Band Works "Expressing Your Love for Music" 2 6 days ago Request membership
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