Name Description Members Created Join link
Gymnosolitudes For people who write gymnosolitudes, music describing the happiness, melancholy and sadness of walking in solitude 4 1 day ago Join
Fast Music People For people who like fast music 1 1 day ago Join
OC making music 1 2 days ago Join
Limitless Music A group dedicated to helping others improve and making a variety of great pieces no matter what kind 3 3 days ago Join
Emotion Through Music For music that has emotion in it 3 4 days ago Join
Solo String Music A group and site within muse where enthusiasts can find solo music for string instruments . 1 4 days ago Request membership
The Witcher This group is dedicated to sheet music from the game "The Witcher". Эта группа посвящена нотам из игры "Ведьмак". 2 5 days ago Join
Things...excitement! Just a place to share music 2 5 days ago Join
Lincoln Middle School Music Programs Open to anyone who writes scores and attends in a music program at LMS in Pullman Washington. 1 5 days ago Request membership
Advertise your music! Post links to your music you want to get out there! 23 6 days ago Join
Electronic Music Makers! A group by LachlanDS strictly for people who make electronic music! (or people who like them) 1 6 days ago Request membership
Four Hands Piano Music Compositions and arrangements for piano four hands. 2 6 days ago Join
Music Sheet Help me to build the most popular group! 5 6 days ago Join
Emotional Music Where we put emotional pieces... 2 6 days ago Join
Monstercat A group for all Monstercat music score creators and listeners. 6 6 days ago Join
Viola Society Viola sheet music. Anyone is welcome! 4 1 week ago Join
Calypso Enthusiast This is a group for people who like listening to and composing Calypso music. 3 1 week ago Join
Anime Piano Group For the anime lovers 5 1 week ago Join
Assassin's Creed Music Group for those who like/love music from Assassin's Creed Games. Any compositions from AC are allowed. 3 1 week ago Join
Thomas Bergersen's Music This group I've created for all who love Thomas Bergersen's Music, all His compositions are allowed 1 1 week ago Join
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