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Acapella/Choir Pop Song Arrangers A group dedicated to sharing acapella/choral style arranged pop songs for acapella/choir groups. 7 1 day ago Request membership
Title Advice This is a group dedicated to helping people come up with ideas for titles. 7 2 days ago Join
Vocaloid: piano A group for Vocaloid songs on piano 2 2 days ago Join
Esperanto Grupo por muzikaĵo en esperanto kaj diskuto pri Muzeskoro ("Musescore") en esperanto. 1 2 days ago Join
Pandeiros de Areia e Alibabou Músicas escritas pelos compositores das alas dos compositores dos blocos carnavalescos: Pandeiros de Areia e Alibabou e suas 40 Odaliscas. 2 2 days ago Join
VCI Composers For Evan, Zach, and Josh, all from Boston Conservatory 1 3 days ago Request membership
Round Robin Storywriting differently. 10 4 days ago Join
The string theory A group for string movements 5 5 days ago Join
video gamers unite anyone who wants to share his or her videogame's favorite songs 1 5 days ago Request membership
STRINGS!!! For anyone who plays Violin, Viola, and Cello (Double Bassists are welcome) 5 5 days ago Join
Democrats Assemble!!!!! Just like the name says it is. 2 6 days ago Join
Myst Revelation Theme Group Only for posting your progress on the theme! 1 6 days ago Request membership
Bagpipes Pipe-Scores with or without other instruments 1 1 week ago Join
The Piano Apprentices Only for piano works and piano discussions. Please uphold the dignity of this group and of your fellow pianists. 7 1 week ago Join
Secte des compositeurs français ayant plus d'une corde à leur piano . 1 1 week ago Join
I<3Contemporary For people who actually know the names of songs on the radio, and who the artist that made it is. 3 1 week ago Join
Film and Game Score Lovers For anyone who loves Film and Game Scores ( Who would've guessed? ) 7 1 week ago Join
Electronic-Orchestral Hybrids This group intends to create a genre of music that utilizes both modern electronic sounds and physical instruments. 10 1 week ago Join
Megaman Music For Megaman music (of course) 1 1 week ago Join
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