Name Description Members Created Join link
Future Dream Team We will work together to be famous or soemthing in Musescore! :P 2 7 hours ago Join
Composers of requiems and other pieces of dour music A group for those whom prefer to compose music with heavier emotion and grief. 1 8 hours ago Request membership
Arctic Voices Choir based in Tromsø, Norway 4 1 day ago Request membership
MMT Student site music for learning 1 1 day ago Invite only
Three-four Six-eight.... never too late Waltzes and other odd time pieces 1 2 days ago Join
DrumlineHomeland A place for drummers (more marching drummers, but all are welcome) 4 2 days ago Join
Clarinet Solo Scores for clarinet (solo) 2 3 days ago Join
Brass Lovers A group for people who love brass insturments 1 4 days ago Join
Moxee Choir Songs for the Moxee Choir 3 4 days ago Request membership
Music Class Group This group is made for students of the music class to submit their assignments and share them with their classmates! 1 6 days ago Request membership
Transformers Transformers fans welcome 1 6 days ago Join
homeschooled2 we are awesome 3 1 week ago Join
The Polonaise A classic Polish dance in 3/4 time. 2 1 week ago Join
Song Requests A group for people, like me, who don't kno how to compose to ask people who DO know how to compose to arrange a song 2 1 week ago Join
Choir of Heart & Soul A community choir 1 1 week ago Join
Digital Music is life, but we life in digital world 1 1 week ago Request membership
Symphony Writer Symphonies, Symphonies, Syphonies. WRITE THEM AND participate in competetions. 1 1 week ago Join
Compositores Unidos Aqui en este grupo nos ayudaremos unos a los otros creando y compartiendo ideas para ser mejores en nuetros sueños de compositortes 1 1 week ago Join
Choir Arrangments A small little group for people to share their choir arrangments! :) 1 1 week ago Request membership
Quirky and Fun Just a little group for the ones who write contemporary music. 1 1 week ago Request membership
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