Name Description Members Created Join link
My Little Pony Post you My Little Pony songs arrangements here ! 1 1 day ago Join
Djembe-Soltau Trommeln Soltau Schneverdingen 1 1 day ago Request membership
Top Pop Compositions exclusively for today's hits. 1 2 days ago Join
Tag Readers United A group of people who actually read the tags of pieces on MuseScore! 9 2 days ago Join
Band Scores and songs Here you can post all and type of band songs. You can comment and help one another out. 2 4 days ago Join
Psalms. Gregorian, Anglican, Responsorial, Tehillim, Metrical, etc. A group for music directly based on Biblical Psalm texts. 2 4 days ago Join
Ocarina For any plays/likes Ocarina Music 1 4 days ago Request membership
bflat11 Jazz Chor 1 5 days ago Invite only
Handel A group of people who like the music of Georg Frederich Handel, and if you don't know who Handel is, he wrote the music for Joy to the World 1 1 week ago Request membership
SOS Song og spelkorlaget noter 2 1 week ago Invite only
Aesthetic Music A public group where you can post your composed calm and beautiful music, or you can just listen and enjoy. 4 1 week ago Join
Deku's Jazz Ensamble Hello, and welcome to my Musescore group! This is designed to show off some amazing jazz arrangements! 3 1 week ago Join
Whiplash Soundtracks A group for arrangements of sorts of tunes in the movie Whiplash 1 1 week ago Join
Compositions that Speak Music is a universal language. Every piece tells a story. 6 1 week ago Join
Arrangers Arena Arranging competitions of popular songs of any genre every month. 12 1 week ago Join
A415 Simulation of the Baroque pitch (A= 415 Hz) 3 1 week ago Join
Blerb's Small Group For Small People Blerbs, gather and attack with music! GO! AND DISPERSE! 3 2 weeks ago Request membership
Composers of Tomorrow A group to share music and get immediate feedback 13 2 weeks ago Join
unitedgodz itssteveadncy musescore group! 1 2 weeks ago Join
Band of Nerds Creating music of anything we feel like at the moment 5 2 weeks ago Request membership
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