Neglected Composers

Which composers seem to you the most undeservedly unknown, and what do you like by/about them?

My picks...
Glière- Not so neglected as could be the case, but his 25 preludes and Symphony no. 3 deserve attention.

Lyapunov- Transcendental Etudes, F minor Sonata, etc.

MacDowell- Sometimes people forget he wrote things besides "To a Wild Rose" :) Keltic Sonata, Second Modern Suite

Others- Blumenfeld, medtner, Alkan, etc.

Yes I realize my picks are not so obscure.

6 years ago

Need Help of Sound Font Closest to Grand Piano


I am new comer in this MuseScore group. I am a piano learner and learning this MuseScore software. I am composing a song with the software but I am quite not sure that the sound font I used (the MuseScore default sound font) is the most suitable one to the actual grand piano. Is anybody can help me in this matter? I do appreciate every help.


6 years ago