can someone get me a full english version of Shakugan No Shana? i just got interested in it. i am learning japanese, but im still fairly new, struggleing, just a month or two past hiragana. PLUS, waht im using does not teach katakana, so if you can get me safe, online lessons for japanese, that would help too

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

 Hey guys, if you haven't already seen my medleys, I highly suggest you do because what I'm asking you guys about is for a medley I'm going to be working on, which is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

What I'm asking you guys about an idea I've had that deals with the timeline. The idea is that for the ending of the medley, I would create two separate endings, one of the Link's success, and the other of Link's failure.

What I'm mostly asking for is just some suggestions on how I could incorporate this into the medley, some songs that I can use for the endings, and just your overall opinions.

Thank You! 

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a day ago

Run Femme[/url] stepping o

Meanwhile, Bella’s older sister, Gigi Hadid, also embraced the white trend at this year’s festival, Nike Roshe Run Femme stepping out in a head-to-toe white look that included a creamy crochet one-shoulder tie bikini top with a button-up shirt over-top, white denim shorts and white rubber Gao High boots, courtesy of Both’s fall ’18 collection.Hadid accessorized her ensemble by adding a white belt to her shorts as well as an intricate body chain, a white scrunchy, thin Nike Air Vapormax Femme rectangular frames and hoop earrings.

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In a possible response to the Knicks' Enes Kanter—who took issue with James' "king of New York" comments last Adidas NMD Womens fall—LeBron went into full troll mode with a new PE embroidered with a clear Nike Air Max Zero Mujer message: "I'm king." The King's kicks combined a black Battleknit upper with a matte black Air bag and bright red accents on the sole, tongue, and heel tabs.

There's little likelihood of this PE hitting retail, but there will be a chance to vote on a final #LeBronWatch style to release before the campaign ends. While Danklefs is booked nine months Nike Roshe Run Damen out, he will sometimes design shoes or a single shoe for Nike Air Pegasus 92 Dámské Pánské charity.

One of Tim Duncan's shoes with a Danklefs twist is currently up for auction on the Silver and Black Give Back website. The SBGB organization is the Spurs' charitable arm.

Bids Nike Air Presto Damen for the decorative shoe will be accepted through April 22.

Those who want to buy a pair of shoes from Danklefs should contact him through his website.

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8 days ago

k antwoord op de Knicks 'Enes Kan

Ondertussen omarmde de oudere zus van Bella, Gigi Hadid, ook de witte trend op het festival van dit jaar, en stapte uit in een hoofd-tot-teen witte look met een romig gehaakt bikinitopje met één schouder en Nike Free 5.0 Femme een overhemden shirt met knoopsluiting , witte spijkerbroek en witte rubberen Gao High-laarzen, met dank aan Both's herfst '18 -collectie. Hadid heeft haar ensemble geaccentueerd door een witte riem aan haar shorts toe Adidas Superstar Slip On Mujer te voegen, evenals een ingewikkelde lichaamsketting, een witte scrunchy, dunne rechthoekige frames en Adidas Hamburg Mujer oorringen.

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In een mogelijk antwoord op de Knicks 'Enes Kanter - die in de herfst in de val liep met de www.rostfriaarbeten.se opmerking van James' 'King of New York' - ging LeBron volledig trollen met een nieuwe PE geborduurd met een Nike Air Huarache Damen duidelijke boodschap: "Ik ben koning." De King's kicks combineerden een zwart Battleknit-bovenwerk met een matzwarte Airbag en felrode accenten op de tong-, tong- en hiellipjes.

Het is weinig waarschijnlijk Nike Air Max 2017 Womens dat deze PE de winkel raakt, maar er zal een kans zijn om te stemmen over een laatste # LeBronWatch-stijl die vrijgegeven moet worden voordat de campagne eindigt. Hoewel Danklefs negen maanden uit is geboekt, ontwerpt hij Nike Air Vapormax Damen soms schoenen of een enkele schoen voor een goed doel.

Een van de schoenen van Tim Duncan met een Nike Roshe Run Dámské Danklefs-draai is momenteel te koop op de Silver en Black Give Back-website. De SBGB-organisatie is de liefdadigheidsgroep van Spurs.

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Degenen die een paar schoenen van Danklefs willen kopen, moeten via zijn website contact met hem opnemen.

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8 days ago

Umm... hey... about the 'Video Games' side of this and music


I'm Seventetails. I like video game music.

Uh.. a while back, I wrote something about video game music and how it affects the emotions of the story of the games.

Yeesh. It's long. 5670 words. I'm happy with it.

There are massive spoilers for Pokemon Sun and Moon, Undertale, MOTHER 3, EarthBound Beginnings and smaller spoilers for several other games.

But I think that some people may find this article interesting. Am I the only person who writes in her spare time?

Yeesh. The link's here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JUwUr9503tc6HlDltJUD1YrSTWz9ivEOtOWVMTX9CgU/edit?usp=sharing.

Uhh... thanks.


Thank you for reading this discussion post. This discussion post loves you.

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8 months ago

Looking for an Arranger for a 20-25 piece orchestra

So hey guys,

I'm Carl, and I make Sax covers on Youtube. Well that's what I used to do I suppose. About 18 months ago I started learning how to play the trumpet, then cornet, then flugelhorn, then alto horn(Piccolo Eb Tuba or like a French Horn but in Eb), and Euphonium...then I decided you know what...I wanna start an orchestra with folks all over the world...so I did that...and that's where I am now. We debut our first songs next month. I figured, you know what, why not put some feelers out there and see if anyone has the skills and interest in taking up the arranger's seat from me, before we release our first tunes. I would say that I have already arranged or will arrange nearly half of this year's tunes, so it's not so much of a rush to find someone as it is to find the RIGHT someone. I'd like to find someone who's able to transcribe these original tunes and then help me split the parts among what we have, and also someone capable of making the tunes Unique to us and our/their sound or able to accept me being able to tweak the transcriptions after. At the bottom of this post I'll put some samples of arrangements I've done with bands and then lastly a quick sample of the first frame of our Debut arrangement, which is the trailer music used for Avengers: Infinity War. Our repertoire will consist of MOSTLY VGM, Anime Themes, and Film Scores. I would say at least 85% will be that. So yeah, if you're interested, or no someone who would be interested, please feel free to contact me. If somehow an overwhelming amount of people express interest, I will put together an audition for it. But depending on who all inquires I can have more than one person to help share the work. I also intend for this to become a paid position(I'd prefer to discuss those matters privately of course).

I'm hard at work trying to get us viola and flute soon. I got Harp today, so I earned a lil break haha. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Oh this is our instrumentation by the way:
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar(6-8 string)
Upright Bass
Electric Bass(4-6 string)
All the horns I mentioned that I play earlier
Orchestral Percussion(Marimba, Glock, Vibes, Timpani, et al)
Latin Percussion(Congas, Bongos, Timbales, et al)
Bass Clarinet
Baritone Sax
Tuba(CC, F, Sousaphone)
Bb/F Trombone

Here's a sample of our debut release currently about 40% finished:

Now some offbeat arrangements I've done:
(Teen Titans Go)

(Game of Thrones. in 4/4 with 90's HipHop feel)

(Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

See you space cowboy!

-Carl "Sax Dragon" Catron
Leader of "Sax Dragon & The Unlimited Orchestra"

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2 months ago

The Fandom Orchestra - wanna join an online orchestra?

Hi people! This seems like a perfect community to post this kind of things so I'm gonna give it a shot.

A good while ago there was a post here in Musescore community about starting an online orchestra for all fandoms united. It actually happened and we have now produced first two pieces: one massive multi-fandom medley called Random Fandom, and recently Lord of the Rings medley called One Medley To Rule Them All. They can be found on YouTube (The Fandom Orchestra channel).

We now have signups open for our next piece, which is Civ VI theme Baba Yetu. If you play any musical instrument or sing, and you have access to recording gear, you're more than welcome to join! Signups happen via online form ( http://eepurl.com/dlTLQ5 )

HMU with any questions

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29 days ago

Hello talented musicians!

I'm just a violinist but I am enjoying all the amazing sheet music that I find here a lot. I have a youtube channel that I post violin covers of a lot of stuff I find here for fun. It is sometimes refreshing to come here to get away from politics, teaching, classical music (don't get me wrong I love classical music), and life in general and some of the talent that I find here just blows me away. If you're interested in my hobby you can check out my youtube channel called Kopikostar.

I absolutely love video games and music and this group is amazing for me, so I wanted to give a shout out here. Recently videogame wise I've been playing lots of Monster Hunter World, and Ni No Kuni 2. Those games are pretty new so I know there aren't many arrangements of music for those games yet, but the music in them is amazing!

This website keeps getting better and better, and to those of you who put so much passion into their arrangements...it might not mean much coming from one guy, but please don't ever stop, it's amazing. lol

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26 days ago


Thanks for letting me into the group XD I hope to contribute to this community as much as could.

I really like video game and anime osts and I think most of them are so underrated, so I try to make the most awesome covers hoping that it can bring them into the spotlight one day.

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25 days ago

Hello :3

Hi! My name is Autumn and I play clarinet...I like playing Homestuck and Hiveswap scores and themes sooo...anyway I would like to know what instruments you guys actually play or if you play an instrument at all...oh and one of you're favorite pieces you've played :3

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a month ago

Anybody want me to finish stuff?

I have a short attention span and barely ever finish projects, and i want to work on that. If people could please check out my account and tell me something they want me to finish (along with advice on that piece would be appreciated) Id be really appreciative.

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30 days ago

What's Up?

My name is Ramsey and I am in the works of making some Undertale scores and learning new Your Lie in April ones as well. Be sure to check my channel for a Battle Against a True Hero score.

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a month ago


Hi, I’m Ian and I am looking for some Nintendo arrangements for bassoon. Mostly Mario, Zelda and Pokémon. If anyone knows any good ones, please let me know!

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a month ago