Let's create some video game

Jun 8, 2018

Hi guys, 
As I like to code sometimes, I was wondering if some of you wanted to create a small video game with me :) ?
It will be obviously a simple one, but if it works well we could continue.


That would be awesome!
I would help, don't know if ill be any good at it just so you know tho XD
I'd also like to help, although I'd only be able to work in the summer and I'm not sure how I'd help. 
I can do all the code.
So it would be nice to have: 
 - 2D graphist to do sprites
 - 2D graphist to do artworks
 - musescorers to do music =)
 - maybe someone with good story ideas
I would absolutely love to score a game if this ends up coming to fruition :)
Yeah, hey, if someone could get me the MuseScore files for the soundtrack, I'd happily produce them. Plus, I'm down for working on story ideas.
I'm interrested. What kind of game do you want to make?
I have already begun.
I'm doing a plateformer, probably with bosses.
That would be nice. So when do we start. 
I already started in fact.
There's a lot to do in the programming part though.
Possibly,  that would depend on what we're doing
what kind of music theme would you be looking for
hey what languages do you program in and what software? Unity?
 Yup, it's Unity, so it's close to C#

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