Animes/Games To Stay Away From!!!!!!!!!

Jun 29, 2018

Hi guys Comment bellow on what animes to stay away from and why.
Things to put on list
-Bad plot
-Horrible Quality
-Boring af

Don't flame peoples comments


1: Pub G- Fortnite is better
2: Warframe- I like Cod bc you can respawn, better graphics too
3: Yosuga no Sora- Wrong, Wrong, and more Wrong.
4: School Days-  The story is barf inducing and the characters are some of the worst people in any form of media. Avoid!!!!
5:  Mars of Destruction- Girl gets head blown off, main char say, Is she dead??? So dumb

These are my Games/Animes to avoid. 

(My own opinions Don't Flame)
 lol I like your first point fortnite is was better
Haha, I just wanted to start my comment with "Yosuga no Sora" but then I realized that you've already mentioned it^^
I also didn't like "Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu" because the characters are stereotypical and dumb af.

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