www.handbellpractice.com is gone . . .

I really liked the Handbells.sf2 from the website handbellpractice.com. Unfortunately, the site has gone missing, replaced by a parking page :(

My favorite feature was the multiple bell techniques in the soundfont, so I could switch between bells, chimes, thumb-damping, marting, etc. with a staff text.

In the meantime, I uploaded the low quality demo version of the soundfont to my google drive. Hopefully the original owner is cool with that, but even if he/she isn't, at least I'll know what happened to them . . .

The link;


also, an XML file (of my creation) for easier use in musescore:


If anyone has any info of the whereabouts of the old site owner or knows how to get that soundfont back on the market, please post.

9 months ago

New plugin for English Handbell composers & arrangers

I created a plugin for english handbell composers & arrangers that helps create the performance notes detailing the notes used by octave as well as sharps and Flats used. It analyzes the current score and creates a txt file containing the notes used (by octave) as well as the total notes, sharps and flats used.

To download the plugin, Please see: http://musescore.org/en/project/countnotes

For help on understanding and installing plugins, see: http://musescore.org/en/handbook/plugins.

7 years ago