Cleaning up the songs group

Please note that the description for this group says "This group is for posting and discussing sheet music of songs of any genre -- popular, folk, art song, etc. -- which have no or minimal instrumental accompaniment (minimal meaning for example a single extra staff with basic guitar or keyboard chords.) Songs in full instrumental arrangements should be posted in the Musescore Composers group. Songs may be either original work or the songs of others, but in the latter case please be sure that what's posted doesn't violate copyright." There are an awful lot of scores posted here that don't meet that description. As group founder and administrator, I propose to start deleting them.

7 years ago

I need help!

Hey, guys! This is MegaMettaurs3000! I have a question. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I should fix up my songs? I'm not the best composer out there, and I'm looking for ideas! :P By the way, if you like my songs, you can always feel free to post! :) You can either check look is this group, or check out my profile! Thanks!

7 years ago