Star Wars Piece Competition Group!

Β Hello!

After competing in a few competitions myself, and posting less on MuseScore since I've moved to Sibelius, I've decided to create my own competition. And it's to create a song based upon my favorite film franchise of all time, Star Wars!!!!

If you are interested, here are the rules:

(Also, there is no deadline yet so there is no need to be rushed!)

1. Has to be a CONCERT ORCHESTRA TEMPLATE. You can add instruments to it (synths, choir, etc.) but you have to use the template
2. Has to be in excess of 1 minute.
3. Has to have some sort of theme (blended in, or just out there) from the original music.
4. You have to credit John Williams (that's a no-brainer, just to put it out there though)
5. As always, be original! Throw your own flair into the music.

If you choose to submit Β a piece, may the force be with you.Β

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9 months ago


Hey guys I'm trying to make a mashup of the Avengers and Gaurdians of the Galaxy themes because sadly it wasn't a part of the Infinity War score as I hoped it would be. This is still a work in progress and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for what is already written or anything else to add on to where it cuts off or to add in between the other sections. Thanks!

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10 months ago


Here we will get to know each of our amazing members. Feel free to introduce yourself and share an interesting fact (or as many as you'd like!) about yourself. If you don't want to share your real name, that's fine.

While I'm at it... my username is lizzapie and I have been composing for 2 years. I enjoy playing my 7 musical instruments (especially violin and clarinet) and playing them in multiple types of orchestras and ensembles.

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a year ago

100 Follower Special Vote!

Hello everybody! I am very close to getting 100 followers and am having a hard time choosing what to post for my special. Here is a list of pieces for you to vote on:

1. My first orchestral composition (which isn't finished)

2. My first finished transcription

3. A new epic orchestral composition

4. My first MuseScore piece EVER!

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a year ago