lots o' pets

Jan 20, 2018

lets talk about the pets you have! i have a queen ant that does nothing. :p


I have a white and orange cat name Bass! All he does is lie around all day.  
I have a brown and white tabby cat named Ginger Snappypuss Von Meow Meow The First, a Russian blue cat named Missy, and a black lab mixed with chesapeake bay retriever dog named Bella. There’s also a garden snake that keeps showing up in my yard that my family calls The Molinator.
I'm a dog person, but our family has a cat. He periodically leaves the house and we have to make sure he doesn't stay out all night. He's a very black cat, so he blends in with black cars and the night, making him hard to spot.
i don't have a pet but i live next door to 3 cats, 4 dogs, 2 pigs, 1 donkey, and 13 goats
Don't have a pet myself, but my brother does. HE IS THE CUTEST LAB EVER. It's not even funny how cute and adorable he is :3
I have a DOGGO! he's a yorkie pooh...
I have a really cute Chocolate Lab/German Shorthair Mix. She is only 5 months old and she is super hyper and like SO CUTE!!! If you say the word "walk" her entire tail starts wagging and it is adorable :)
Also why is your profile name   
it sounds kind of like you dont like animals... 
I have a (Shorthair of some species) cat and his name is Logan and he likes to play,fight,Cuddle,Bite ur cheek for food,Make a meow so sweet you cry, and be a jackass
I have a rock that ran away
@indira_larrier Same! I’m so sad about mine...he had the coolest mustache ever! :’/(
@lizzapie mine had google eyes. Not gunna lie tho, I think my mom had a part in Dylan’s (my rock) disappearance
@indira_larrier Aww...I'm pretty sure mine disappeared because my sister was jealous that it looked better than hers xD He had red hair and looked like a viking warrior :P

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