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Hey, cellists! I am a Suzuki student just finishing up book 10 (last cello book) and I was wondering what I should learn next. Book 10 consists of 1 piece: the Boccherini Cello Concerto #1. The only other cello concerto I've learned is the Haydn cello concerto #1, which is Suzuki book 9. I am about Intermediate level, I've been playing for almost 9 years. I know that the Dvorak Cello Concerto, Elgar concerto, and Shostakovich concertos are really famous, maybe one of them is next? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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3 months ago

Need beginner music

Hi all - 
I'm looking for some easy music in the key of C written on grand staff.  (bass and tenor voice)  My grandson is a year into his cello (loving it) and his dad plays clarinet (some).  I play guitar and would like to do some simple little sets with the three of us just for fun.  I'd prefer traditional or easy to recognize pieces.  Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.


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8 months ago

Support on Flat

Hello! We are always looking for people to help us as editors for our pieces and we believe that this group has lots of talented String players! If you would like to be selected, go to flat, create an account, go to Xellist and Group's account, and comment your application on any piece of music! Hope to see you! 
                                                                                            -Xellist and Group

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2 months ago

Any Viola/Cello Duets?

Hey, all! I am a cellist looking for some good pop viola/cello duets. Not too hard, but not too easy. I am about intermediate-professional level, and the violist is professional level. Good pop arrangements for viola/cello are really hard to find, so any input would be welcome! Thanks!

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3 months ago

Cello Concerto Score ~ Help!!!!!

Hey! If anyone has the cello score to The Kabalevsky Cello concerto No. 1 WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME?! I need to get the orchestra part arranged off the piano part, because i'm playing it soon, and Writing the cello part takes up to much time.
~*If you would*~
Could you write out the cello part (nothing fancy like bowings, Just the notes) On this score? It would save me sooooooooo much time!! THANKS! :D
Kristi Roller

Here is the link to the score,

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2 years ago

Open Forum

So hello everybody. Here we can talk about all our cello stuff, or anything really.

So, to begin the discussion, has anybody tried to play cello standing up? I tried doing it by extending my end pin out as far ass it would go, but I could not achieve a comfortable position.

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6 years ago