Any thoughts, feedback?

I just finished a waltz, and I would love some critique if anyone has the time.                              
Thanks! drsooz

while yes, i know that minor chords arent the entire theme, i thought the group would enjoy measures 102 to the end. and either way, the group was dead so i decided that this would maybe be a good way to stop people from being dead

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a month ago


Make an Upbeat song with only the minor chords in the key of your choosing then
choose either a diminished chord or an augmented chord. those are the chords you must use. Post the chords and key you're using as a comment. I recommend you make a rock song.

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2 years ago

Composing in minor keys

Hi all, my name is John and I'm near Fort Worth Texas. Just joined tonight (5/12/11).

I am fairly new at composing, and I'm using Musescore which is really helping.

I *love* minor scales (love songs, blues, country, etc.) and that's what I used to play in back when I dabbled at lead guitar.

I would love to exchange ideas, and learn all I can about minor chord progressions, melody-writing in minor, etc.

If anyone would like to see my creations in Musecore (be gentle, I'm in early stages but it ain't that bad), please see my
and click on the links

I can provide the Musescore versions as well; I am in the process of posting them.

Compliments and constructive suggestions always welcome.


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7 years ago