Another Musical Gift 


Again, I'll have the sheets for this ready within a week or two. Making music sound good and making music look good are two completely different things...

 I've been under a lot of stress lately, and I needed to do something to  work away the tension. Creating this cover was a means of therapy.

Please enjoy my rendition of "Parting ~ Farewell" from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Theme.  Of course, I can never do just a simple cover, so I added in echoes of  "Don't Ever Forget... (I Don't Want to Say Goodbye!)", "Memories  Returned", and "A New World", from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

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2 months ago

Help With A Video Project

I'm going to be doing a lightweight music analysis video on how the Partner Theme in Super Mystery Dungeon evolves (pun intended) throughout the game. I need a list of all tracks that include the Partner Theme--in full or in part--in the PSMD soundtrack. Here is the list that I have compiled so far:

"Main Theme"
"Partner Theme 1"
"Partner Theme 2"
"Partner Theme 3"
"Don't Give Up"
"Dark Matter - Phase 2"
"Staff Credits"

I believe that I am missing at least one track. If you can tell me what the other tracks are, or if the above list is out of chronological (gameplay) order, please let me know! I have never played PSMD in full myself (I only ever played PMD1 and 2 because I never did get a 3DS)--however, I have fervently kept up with the PMD series as it continues to come out with some of the best games, story-wise, that the industry has to offer. I have a friend who was kind enough to let me play some on their 2DS, and I have watched playthroughs and the cutscene dub on YouTube (good grief, you don't even have to PLAY the game to start BAWLING your eyes out), so I do have a basic understanding of the story of the game. I just want to make sure I'm thorough.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer! If you read this and don't know how you can help me out here, that's fine--but if you would listen to and give me feedback on my PMD arrangements, that would be much appreciated, as well.

Thanks if you've read to this point, too. As a gift, here's my rendition of the Partner Theme for solo piano. Enjoy! :3

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3 months ago

A Gift for All You Geeks :3

I was hoping to have this finished by September 13th (the anniversary of the Time/Darkness release), but here you go! It's a medley of my favorite Explorers tracks, with references to other games in the PMD series and other franchises (Mother, Undertale, &c.) sprinkled throughout!

I'd really like whatever feedback you guys can give me on this one! Thanks in advance!

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5 months ago

Hi guys!

I added a few scores to the group! Finally! Hope I'm not spamming :P This it my first time posting sheet music to a group on musescore.

I do not compose those sheet music. Those are transcribed from a YouTuber.

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6 months ago

Group Update

Hello, everyone!

I am soooo proud of everyone! This group is full of fantastic arrangements! I've enjoyed listening to all of them, and this group has become so much more than I thought it would.

Since I'm not terribly active, I've appointed a couple admins. I hope this helps the group flourish! Thanks!

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8 months ago

Wait What?!

I can't believe it! I'm about to hit 50 followers (only need 7 more)! I know that it isn't mush, but it is something right? Tell if you would like to see an original composition, or an arrangement of a song you like. I'm going to take probably 3-5 ideas so choose wisely as I'm putting this discussion in all the groups I'm in.

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a year ago

Who reported my PMD songs for copyright infringement?!

Even though I know I clearly gave credit to both the original composer of the two PMD songs AND to all the parts done by Bespinben did in my piano piece, somebody STILL reported me for copyright infringement... Whoever did this has to be pretty despicable to do it for no reason. Thanks to them, no one else can see my work that I uploaded. :/
If there is any way I can get my songs back up on musescore, I would be very greatful of someone could let me know. Thanks...

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3 years ago

Sorry for the disappearance!

Hello, everybody! Sorry for not being online in such a long time...
I logged on recently, and when I noticed all the people and wonderful pieces that are now in this group, I was ecstatic! Thank you all so much!
I'm definitely going to try to be more active now. If anyone would like to chat, I'd love to talk with you.
Thanks, guys! ^.^

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2 years ago

Something seems off...

In my PMD mashup (full instrumental) I tried to make each of the songs sound as similar as possible to the OST's, but some of the instruments don't seem to capture the sound I'm looking for. Could you guys give me suggestions on what instruments to change or add in order for the songs to sound more like the OST's?

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3 years ago

I need some help.

Hello there!
I'm new here, and I just want to say that I'm excited to be a part of this group!

I have some ideas of what I want to do as arrangements, but I have little to no idea on how I'm going to properly execute them.

Also, I don't know how to write music for certain percussion instruments, such as drum set. A quick explanation would be handy.

If anyone is willing to help, it would be appreciated.

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3 years ago


Hello, everyone! Welcome to the group! I'm so happy to have you here. Be sure to drop a comment below so I everyone can get to know you! ^.^

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4 years ago