4 years ago

Hello all,

How does one mark places for wind instruments to breath without causing a noticeable interruption in the flow of the music?


I wouldn't worry about marking where to breathe unless you really need them to play at that specific time (like solos). If this is the case, try to place it only where it can be covered up by another instrument or section (or during a rest). Never place it at the end of a measure.

In my experience, wind players just breathe when they can during a passage or breathe during rests (no matter how short—we can learn to breathe quickly). In slow songs, wind players stagger breathing (only breathe while others in the section are playing). Our main rule is never breathe at the end of a measure unless there's a rest.

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If you need them to hold out a long note, you can do something called dovetailing, which means that you have the first player hold the note for x beats, then the second player hold the note. That way you have a single continuous note for an indefinite period of time. Of course, if you need both of your players to be playing something different, that doesn't work, but chances are that you won't need to do that.