Just Before Midnight

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Picture this: A man walks along a dark, empty street at night. To forget about the cold wind he is fantasising about tomorrow.

It's a long time since I've uploaded a new composition. But this piece really took some time to write. It's my best work so far. I feel it's the first piece I wrote that really captured the mood nicely.

I'm still trying to tweak it, but IMHO it's nearly done. What do you think?

There and Back Again (But I Liked it There More)

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Just finished writing this song today. I'm away on vacation far from any piano or flute but I still like the way this sounds. Originally I planned on this being part two to thoughts and raindrops but then I realized that it sounded nothing like it so I made it something completely seperate. I named it "There and Back Again (But I Liked it There More)" because once the flute comes in all of the main themes repeat with the flute in reverse order. Also the name is mentioned in the Lord of the Rings Series, it's the book that Bilbo writes and Frodo finishes. Oh, and please don't make any recordings of this song.

Opus of Hurricanes

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The first semi-playable piece I've composed. Long intro, I know.