Imagine if you could save lyrics with midi export as 2 options: "KAR file (MIDI File with lyrics)" and "KAR file with chords"

This is a request that goes back to at least 2015 and I have formally requested this feature again (see - to create KAR files, and kar files with chords. This would allow us to use a real Karaoke Player, such as the free van Basco player ( app for practice, performance, learning, teaching, etc. It's high time for this feature after 10 years.

Do you realize the numbers of  school teachers, and church choir leaders would would find this useful for teaching, conducting parishioners, choruses etc.? And why not lyrics from several voices simultaneously?

Do you realize how useful these files could be with karaoke software?! I am a programmer and I see the arguments as "beside-the-point" and not at all insurmountable.  In fact, there may be no reason why more than one part's lyrics couldn't be saved and scrolled in a karaoke app in parallel.

Read my request where I address the programmer's objections. With all the lyric-typing I do I am disappointed/insulted that I can't export the lyrics with the midi. I have searched high and low and the closest software I can find to a solution is Serenade ( which is far from as perfect for this as MS would be. Please help promote the idea!

6 months ago

Criteria for this group

en: What are the criteria for this group? Examples see below.
de: Nach welchen Kriterien soll man "scores" hinzufügen? Hier ein paar Beispiele:
* Stimmt an mit hellem hohen Klang
* Deutschland, Deutschland über alles
* Ich hab mich ergeben
* Flamme empor!
* Wenn alle untreu werden
* Schleswig-Holstein meerumschlungen
* Deutsch ist die Saar
* Märkische Heide
* Von der Weser bis zur Elbe (Niedersachsenlied)

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