Voting for C #10 Starts Now! Anyone can vote!

Oct 9, 2016

The submissions are in. Here are the scores. Let's go!!!

Vote for one of these in the comments below. You can only vote once, and you cannot vote for your own piece(s). Even if you didn't submit a piece, you can still vote. Voting ends on Wednesday, 10 p.m. (E.S.T.). Œnanthic - Procession of the Sardar Œnanthic - Dancing Pines Celliot P. - A Journey to Mars Pikabata - Undertale/Litteroot Town/Verdanturf Town Mashup Pikabata - ANiMA [Deemo] Full version + Full Instrumental Transcription Mahmoud Said - Advent of Light Mahmoud Said - The Colors of Magic referee111 - Home and SAVE the World- A Unique Combination referee111 - The Dance of the Ancient Temple


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