"Air Conducting"

OK, this is both a confession and an inquiry.

First, the confession:

Much of my life (especially in high school and college) I would "air conduct" in front of a mirror. Yes, some kids play air guitar, but I played an air orchestra! I would put on music, either on a "boombox" or listening on my headset, and conduct the music, thinking of how I would want to cue different instruments or present different emotions. For a while I even conducted with 5- or 10-lb weights to add exercise to the routine. While I have not done this recently, I think it might have been good practice, even without the benefit of a real ensemble, because it made me aware of how I looked and how my hand, arm, and body motions -- as well as my facial expressions -- would look to the ensemble.

And now the inquiry, which has two parts:

Has anyone else out there done this (who is willing to admit it!), and do you also think that it would have benefits when it comes time to ACTUALLY conduct an ensemble?

3 years ago

Me and conducting

So, I have just started learning how to conduct on my own, and I just got my first baton, which is very exciting. I've been getting better at telling what time signature a song is in by fitting conducting patterns to the music.

Now what about the rest of you?

4 years ago